Seven Positive Alternatives to Smoking

Boredom, sleepiness, stress – these are few of the reasons people find smoking a stress-relieving, calming habit. The truth is that the majority of people know that smoking is utterly detrimental to their health; as, literally, with every cigarette smoke the smoker inhales no less than thousands of harmful toxins. The worst part about smoking is that it can lead to a myriad of health problems including heart disease, cancer, emphysema and others. Research shows that smoking affects every organ of the body, with no exception. Additionally, in the United States, appreciatively 480.000 deaths a year are caused by excessive smoking.

smoking alternatives

As you acknowledge this information, ask yourself – are you willing to risk your entire health and well-being for the sake of this poisonous habit? Keep on reading this article to get acquainted with seven positive alternatives to smoking, so that you let go of this habit for good.

  • Drink water

Hydrating your body correspondingly will help you to remove the harmful toxins from your body. Thus, consider drinking 8-12 glasses a day, so that you get rid of those poisonous toxins remaining in your body.

  • Meditate

If you embrace smoking to cope with stress better, then, a positive, harm-free method is meditation. Believe it or not, meditation is utterly effective in helping you deal with stress, tiredness, and negative emotions.

  • Exercise

If you tried to quit smoking before, then you should know that quitting smoking makes you feel jittery and jumpy. We recommend you try exercising, to help you deal with these states of being, and get rid of that negative energy. Additionally, exercise helps to release the toxins from the body, while at the same time improving circulation. It is a great way to deal with stress and all sorts of emotions.

  • Vitamin C

Researchers tell us that smokers suffer from vitamin C deficiency. Therefore, if you’re trying to quit smoking and reinvigorate your health condition, consider consuming vitamin C aliments. Vitamin C supports the body’s immune system and capability to fight infections.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables will contribute to improving your health condition and reinvigorating your taste buds. Because smoking tends to numb the taste buds! Try new, exciting recipes filled with amazing condiments and intriguing fruits and veggies, and you’ll find new pleasure in eating.

  • New hobby

When trying to quit smoking, it is advisable to embrace a new hobby to keep your mind occupied, so that you don’t go back to where you’ve started in the first place. Think of something you particularly enjoy, and concentrate on that occupation or hobby, so that you forget about your previous smoking addiction and start fresh!

  • Smoking substitute

Nicotine is the main ingredient that makes smoking an addictive habit. Therefore, you could opt for a nicotine substitute, including nicotine gums, patches and inhalers, which will make it easier for you to surpass this detrimental habit. Good luck!

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