Scientists Discovered that Pomegranates Stop the Aging Process and Increase Lifespan by 45%

Pomegranate (punica granatum) is one of the healthiest fruits in existence. It is a multi-use wonder fruit that can be utilized in cooking, baking, juice blends, smoothies, alcoholic beverages. So, there’s no wonder why pomegranates are considered to be miraculous fruits that can boost your health and lifespan.


Recent studies show that pomegranates fight off the affections that appear due to premature aging of the organs and cells.

Another study published by a group of Swiss scientists in the already famous journal Nature shows that pomegranates contain a secret ingredient with anti-aging properties called urolithins A, which protects the cells from damage and other aging effects. Urolithin A stimulated the cells’ capacity to feed themselves.

The authors of the above-mentioned study experimented with urolithin A on worms. The worms which were fed with it had an increase in lifespan of 45%. Old mice had a 42% increase in running speed and enhanced cells.

The main author of this study, Johan Auwerx, believes that this substance could pose similar anti-aging qualities in humans as well. Species which are far from humans from an evolutionary standard react the same way to some substances.

Other health benefits which make pomegranates a good food source

Unfortunately, we will have to wait for a while until urolithin A supplements will be available for public use. Still, you shouldn’t hesitate to consume pomegranates on a daily basis.

The health benefits of pomegranates can be fully exploited by consuming them in several ways. You can transform them into juice, or you can just consume its paste, seeds, nectar, syrup or concentrate.

  • Traditionally, pomegranates have been used for clearing up the skin and reducing inflammation. They can also be effective if you suffer from a sore throat.
  • Besides halting the aging process, pomegranate juice decreases the rate at which bone mass erodes, enhances brain activity and improves visual and verbal memory. Also, it’s been demonstrated that pomegranates are useful against Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, they inhibit the development of cancerous cells thanks to their massive antioxidant capabilities and protect the organism from free radicals.
  • Pomegranate juice is also known to improve the efficiency and health of the heart because it cleanses the arteries and contributes to the reduction of arteriosclerosis.
  • Along with a constant usage of the good old toothpaste, pomegranate juice is an effective tool against various oral diseases such as periodontosis. With the help of its antiviral and antibacterial properties, it reduces the effects caused by dental plaques.
  • For diabetics, the consumption of pomegranate juice lowers the risk of many coronary diseases.

People suffering from anemia also benefit from the miraculous qualities of pomegranate. A healthy blood circulation (or flow) can be maintained by consuming this fruit in any shape or form. Your blood will be supplied with healthy amounts of iron, reducing by extension the usual symptoms of anemia which range from dizziness and hearing loss to weakness and exhaustion.

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