Say Goodbye to Itchy Ear Canals

Have you ever been driven crazy by an itch inside your ear canal that you could not reach? You may have ear cleaning pads, but you need to remember that ears are very sensitive – one scratch in the wrong place and you’ll end with a bigger problem than an itch. Here’s what you should know before trying to shove a stick in your ear and start scratching.

treat itchy ear canal

What Causes an Ear Itch?

Before trying to treat a problem, you need to figure out what the cause is. Here are some of the main reasons why you may experience an itch inside your ear canal.

  • Inflammation: an itchy ear canal may be a sign of inflammation of the otitis externa. It can be caused by an infection, an allergy or any other similar conditions. If it’s inflamed, you are more than likely going to experience pain along with the itch.
  • Infection: excessive moisture can lead to bacteria forming in the ear, which can further lead to an infection. Swimmers are the most prone to developing this kind of infection. You can also get an ear infection by cleaning your ears the wrong way with cotton swabs, paper clips or other suspicious sharp objects.
  • Allergies: If you notice you have an itch in your ear whenever you are close to a certain allergen, then you are more than likely fighting an allergy. It’s not uncommon to experience itching in your ears, nose, or throat if you’re having an allergic reaction.
  • Not Enough Ear Wax: Sure, we want our ears to be clean and free of ear wax, but that is what’s actually protecting our ear canals from damage – so it’s the exact opposite of ‘dirty ears.’ Whether you clean your ears too often or simply don’t produce enough ear wax, you might be predisposed to ear itches and infections.

Now that you know the cause, let’s move forward to the solutions:

Treating an Itchy Ear

We know how tempting it might be to stuff a cotton pad in your ear whenever you experience an itch, but we would advise against that – you may cause even more damage. You can, however, soothe the itch with some simple remedies without harming the canal:

  • Olive oil: it can soothe an itchy ear and remove the excess ear wax. Just add a few drops of warm olive oil in your ear, and once the wax it softened, gently remove it with a cotton pad from the outer ear.
  • Garlic oil: this one can be applied the same way, but it will help if what you need to treat is an infection.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: it can also soften the ear wax, and in some cases, even treat an infection. Just a few drops in your ear for a few minutes should do the trick. Tilt your head to let the wax exit naturally afterwards.
  • Apple cider vinegar: this ingredient balances the pH in your ear canal, making it impossible for viruses and bacteria to live there. Just soak a cotton ball in some warm apple cider vinegar, and leave it for a few minutes in your ear every day.

These remedies will only treat the itching for the moment. If you keep experiencing problems, you may want to get it treated by a doctor.

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