Sage Improves the Memory and Nervous System (Recipe)

New research has shown that sage has great benefits for the mind. It boosts the memory and supports the nervous system functions. This way, the new studies confirm the old traditions.

Sage Improves the Memory and Nervous System (Recipe)

Sage for Memory – Recipe

Let 2 tablespoons of crushed sage leaves to infuse in 500 ml of water. Leave them 1 hour and after that strain the liquid. Drink 50 ml of the solution three times per day, 20 minutes before meal time. Drink the last dose in the evening, 30 minutes before bedtime.

Those who suffer from nervous system disorders can consume sage wine. Let 100 grams of sage leaves soak in 1 liter of wine, for 10 days. Let the container in a warm place or in the sun, but remember to stir it daily. After this period, strain it and consume 30 ml of the sage wine 3 times per day. Take the doses 30 minutes after meal time.


The sage capacity to increase and boost the memory is well known since ancient times. Today, the researchers are so impressed by the sage properties that they are ready to investigate if the plant could treat real diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The British scientists have administered sage oil capsules to a group of adults and have discovered that those who have taken those capsules have done better in the memory tests.

Sage protects the chemical messengers that transport the information to the brain and that are essential for the memory function. People have been using sage to combat memory loss for centuries. They have used it as tea or tincture. In 1597, John Gerard, the naturalist, wrote that sage is a great herb for the brain because it strengthens the nerves and stimulates memory. 50 years later, Nicholas Culpeper, another English naturalist, said that sage can save memory, warm and revitalize the senses. The researchers from Northumbria University have recently finished the first clinical studies for sage and have obtained promising results.

Nicola Tildesley, the leader of the research team, said that this study proves how valuable the old traditional medicine is and that it must not be ignored. This research has serious implications for the persons who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or for those who want to improve their memory.

Until now, there was noticed no side effect. Some doctors recommend sage tea for the menopausal women because it reduces the hot flushes and night sweats.

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