Rose Hip Oil – Natural Antibiotic and Moisturizer

Rose hip oil is extracted from the wild rose seeds and it’s a 100% natural product that’s beneficial for both hair and skin. Rose hip oil has been used in numerous beauty products, but recent studies have proved that is is also a great healer and comes with amazing health benefits. It can be consumed internally, but it can also be applied directly on the affected areas.

Rosehip Oil – Natural Antibiotic and Moisturizer

Strong Antibiotic

Rose hip oil has antibiotic qualities and it can be used to solve health issues like fever, cough and cold. It keeps the infections away and enhances immune system.

Anti-Dandruff Treatment

You can apply rose hip oil directly on your scalp in order to get rid of dandruff. Massage it gently on your scalp and leave it on for almost 30 minutes. This essential oil has moisturizing properties and it’s extremely effective at reducing the dandruff.

Moisturizes Dry Hair

Rose hip oil is extremely nourishing and will make your hair smooth, strong and healthy. You can warm the rose hip oil a little bit and then apply it on the scalp. Leave it on for 60 minutes and then shampoo your hair as usual. Use the rose hip oil regularly (at least 2 times per week) in order to get silky, smooth and soft hair. You can even use rose hip oil on permed or colored hair to regenerate it.

Beneficial for Sunburns

If you have suffered a sunburn, you can use rose hip oil to get immediate treatment. Apply the oil directly on the affected area and you will instantly feel a cooling sensation. The rose hip oil is going to offer relief from the burning sensation and heal the burnt skin.

Weight Loss

Rose hip oil is extremely beneficial when it comes to weight loss. Combine a few drops of rose hip oil with apple juice and you will immediately notice a reduction in the cholesterol and blood sugar levels. These are the main causes for weight gain and obesity, so by diminishing them, you will also reduce your chances of gaining extra weight.

Treats Weak Nails

If you have brittle nails and want to solve this problem, then rose hip oil comes once again to your rescue. Use this oil to massage your nails on a regular basis. This way, you will improve their shine and make them stronger and healthier.

Treats Spots and Scars

We’ve already mentioned that rose hip oil has nourishing properties. This comes in handy when it comes to treating dark spots, scars and stretch marks. Apply the oil on the affected areas on a regular basis. Rose hip oil will speed up the healing process of various skin conditions. At the same time, it’s able to makes the skin supple, smooth and soft.

Anti-Aging Treatment

Rose hip oil comes with skin healing and nourishing properties. As a result, it’s a great product to help you cure and prevent premature skin aging. It fights against fine lines and wrinkles and it even reduces pigmentation. Also, it maintains the skin elastic and healthy.

Rose hip oil will also make your skin look glowing and hydrated and is going to fight against dry skin.

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