Replace Sugar with Blackstrap Molasses

Refined sugar isn’t a great choice, especially when you’re trying to keep a healthy diet. Blackstrap molasses it’s a by-product of processed sugar canes, rich in nutrients and minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, and manganese.

It doesn’t contain cholesterol or fats, and it provides the body with antioxidants. All things considered, this sweetener is a healthy replacement for sugar. Here are some reasons why you should use blackstrap molasses.

Properties of blackstrap molasses

  • Combats anxiety and depression

It raises the serotonin level. This substance is responsible for keeping us in a good mood, without falling into depression or experiencing anxiety when faced with different stressful issues.

  • Prevents cancer

The Selenium found in blackstrap molasses fights the action of free radicals. These are responsible for cellular damage, and when they’re found in a high number, they can lead to cancer.

  • Has a low glycemic load

Although it should be consumed in moderation, this sugar substitute can even be a solution for diabetics, when they take up to one tablespoon per day.

  • Keeps anemia away

Rich in iron, blackstrap molasses helps the organism produce red blood cells. They have the role of transporting oxygen throughout the body, to each cell, tissue, and organ. An iron deficiency can easily lead to anemia.

  • Relieves menstrual pains

The minerals in this syrup will ease the contractions of the uterine walls and also prevent depression, irritability, breast tenderness and clotting.

  • Improves the digestive tract

Blackstrap molasses will improve bowel movement, cure constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome. This is due to the benefits of magnesium that attracts water and relaxes the muscles.

  • Offers a strong bone structure

Rich in calcium, it will ensure a proper bone mass density and keep you away from fractures.  Also, magnesium will prevent muscle cramps and promote strong muscles.

  • Promotes a good night’s sleep

Blackstrap molasses contains calcium, which the brain converts into amino acid tryptophan, that further produces melatonin. This substance allows you to fall asleep and relaxes the body.

  • Reduces heart and cardiovascular disorders

It’s a natural remedy for palpitations and high blood sugar. Also, it reduces bad cholesterol that travels through the bloodstream and can deposit itself along the walls of veins and arteries. Blackstrap molasses prevents blood clotting and strokes.

  • Fights stress and fatigue

Containing a vitamin B complex, this black syrup will ensure that both the nervous system and the brain work properly. Besides this, vitamin B will provide a calming effect and allow us to deal better with stressful problems.

  • Raises the vitality

This by-product of sugar canes has carbohydrates that the body turns into energy. So a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses dissolved in a glass of water will raise your energy and improve your concentration.

Blackstrap molasses is considered to be safe to ingest and it’s a great substitute for sugar. Consumed in moderate quantities, it will boost your immunity system, help you relax and keep away anxiety or/ and depression. Besides, it provides the body with essential nutrients and ensures a healthy organism!

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