Replace Acne Medicine with All-Natural Probiotic Treatment

The skin is the body’s largest detoxifying organ. Hence, when dealing with skin affections such as eczema, acne, and rosacea, it’s quintessential to opt for effective treatments, since these conditions lead to pain and discomfort. There is an abundance of treatments available for treating these affections, but they are costly and don’t work in all the cases. As an alternative, you can opt for an all-natural probiotic spray.

probiotics for skin

Defining probiotics

Each of us is inclined to assume that bacteria are 100 percent harmful. Nonetheless, the truth is that our bodies contain a mixture of good and bad bacteria, hence, maintaining a healthy balance is quintessential.

Probiotics have the purpose of balancing the bad and the good bacteria, in order to attain optimal health. Concurrently, they aim at fighting inflammation, while neutralizing particular toxins. Even though the broad majority of research studies focused on probiotics highlight their beneficial impact on the right function of the digestion, they have an important role in promoting the health of the skin as well.

Probiotics and Skin Care

Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bore highlights that probiotics have a significant impact on stimulating the health of the skin. When such a product is applied on the skin, that contributes to preventing dysbiosis, which is an imbalance of the bad and good bacteria, a common cause leading to various troubling skin affections.

In this direction, numerous studies have been developed, with the purpose of highlighting the effect of probiotics on skin health. A critical study underwent in 2008 established that, after topical application of probiotics, the levels of skin ceramide were increased. Ceramides are in charge of maintaining the health of the skin. They regulate the moisture of the skin. Also, the levels of ceramides diminish as we grow older. That is primarily why the skin gets thinner and thinner with age. This study outlined how revolutionary the use of probiotics can be for skincare.

Other specialists in the domain explained that there is a relation between the occurrence of eczema and particular bacteria present on the skin. From a hypothetical mindset, by controlling the microbes dwelling on the skin’s surface, the eczema flare-ups could be reduced dramatically.

There is an array of probiotic spray manufacturers at the time being. The primary principle of these products is to offer protection to the skin, against harmful environmental irritants, for instance, pollution, while nourishing the skin, and calming inflammation.

The primary reason why probiotic sprays can be revolutionary for people dealing with severe skin affections is their delivery. If you have a skin affection, administering oral probiotics won’t be enough. A topical spray, however, is targeted to the affected area.

Implementing probiotic sprays in treating skin affections will certainly alter the face of the cosmetic industry and the way in which we treat the most severe skin affections. As opposed to removing the harmful bacteria from the surface of the skin, promoting a balance of bad and good bacteria is recommended for excellent results.

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