Reduce Headaches with Natural Remedies

A headache is a body response to emotional and physical stress. When you stress out, the muscles in your neck and head are contracting and a tension is created, causing you those terrible headaches. At the same time, the blood vessels are constricted, leading to vascular headaches and migraines. Headaches can also be caused by infected or congested sinuses, in which case it is always better to see a doctor. However, most of the times, headaches are temporary and you can easily reduce or eliminate them with the help of natural remedies.

Natural Headache Treatments

1. Rosemary and Thyme Oil

If you’re dealing with headaches, dabbing two drops of rosemary or thyme on your forehead and temple can be of great help. Rub it gently until it enters your skin and lie down for a minute or two in order for the remedy to take effect.

2. Magnesium

If you suffer from migraines, then this mineral can be really effective for you. Numerous studies have shown that those with frequent migraines have in fact a low brain magnesium level and, moreover, they can also suffer from general magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium supplements cannot only relieve the pain caused by headaches, but it can also prevent them. You can take up to 400 mg of slow-release magnesium, magnesium oxide or chelated magnesium per day. If you’re looking for a more natural source for this mineral, you can begin consuming dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, dried figs and mackerel.

3. Vitamin B2

Another efficient supplement is vitamin B2. Take 400 milligrams per day and you can reduce the migraine frequency with 50%. Riboflavin or vitamin B2 is naturally found hard cheeses, fish, sesame seeds and almonds.

4. Gingerroot

Ginger is an extremely beneficial plant and it can be used for all sorts of conditions. When used for headaches, it can inhibit the prostaglandin synthesis that causes the migraine. Furthermore, this plant suppresses the nausea accompanying the headaches. Use gingerroot to make homemade tea. Put 3 ginger slices in two cups of water and leave it steep for half an hour, then drink it.

5. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is known for its calming and relaxing effects and it also has the ability to ease the pain. Prepare a tea from one bag of chamomile tea and boiled water, cover it and let it steep for almost ten minutes. If you want to sweeten it, use honey instead of sugar. Drink this tea while it’s still hot and do it in a quiet place so that you can totally relax.

6. Lavender and Peppermint Oils

These two essential oils are famous for their relaxing effects. They are also powerful healers for headaches. Use them to prepare footbaths with hot water. The blood will draw to your feet and the blood vessels from your brain will be relieved of the pressure. Also, thanks to their amazing aroma, both lavender and peppermint have soothing effects.

7. Butterbur Extract

This herb is often recommended by the physicians against headaches and migraines. Numerous studies have shown that this extract efficiently reduces migraines. The dosage recommended by the doctors is 75 mg two times per day. Continue this treatment for one month and afterwards, change to 50 mg two times daily. You will reduce the frequency of your headaches with more than 50%.

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