Reasons to Use Pine Bark Extract

Pine bark extract is taken from the bark of maritime pine that is found in the South of France. You can find pine bark extract in a product called pycnogenol or in various supplements that contain flavonoids too. Besides this, this product is used as an ingredient in various healthy goods.


In this article, you will read about the benefits that pine bark extract has on our health.

Decreases the secondary effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy

Besides killing cancer cells, chemotherapy and radiation therapy cause damage to the normal cells too. This can provoke adverse effects like diarrhea, losing too much weight or vomiting. That’s why it’s recommended to use pine bark extract.

Speeds up the healing process

Many experts approved that pine bark extract is essential in treating colds. Due to its richness in zinc and vitamin C, pine bark extract is a great remedy for this condition.

Decreases asthma symptoms in adults and children

If you’re suffering from asthma, you can try pine bark extract. According to many researchers, this extract fights against the asthma symptoms, and it reduces the need of taking pills that control this disease. Moreover, pine bark extract improves the pulmonary system.

Might prevent prostate cancer

Another series of studies were conducted on men to see if pine bark extract can destroy cancer cells in the prostate gland. The results were promising. This extract can kill cancer cells by controlling the antigen (the common factor that leads to cancer).

Helps men with erectile problems

There are plenty of men who have erectile dysfunction (also known as ED). A study was organized to see if pine bark extract has positive effects concerning this problem. And yes, it has. Men who consumed this extract noticed progress while the men who were administered placebos didn’t.

Good for your vision and eye health

For a more efficient result, combine pine bark extract with bilberry extract and you will have a healthy vision and eyes. Specialists affirm that this combination controls the intraocular pressure so that you won’t develop glaucoma. Moreover, these 2 extracts boost the blood supply to the retina.

Controls blood pressure

Latest studies have demonstrated that the intake of pine bark extract leads to the formation of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a gas that has the ability to control blood pressure. The blood flow can circulate more easily through the arteries and veins because the nitric oxide is able to keep the walls of the blood vessels relaxed .

Might lower the risk of having a stroke or heart attack 

Specialists from a study conducted in Germany concluded that pine bark extract has the power to prevent the development of blood clots, by not letting the blood cells to gather. If you have a blood clot in your bloodstream, you may suffer a stroke or heart attack, and that’s why it’s important to prevent the formation of one.

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