Reasons for Massaging Your Feet before Bedtime

No one will deny that after a long, busy, and stressful day, a feet massage is an excellent way to relax. But beside the comfort it provides, rubbing your feet has plenty of health benefits, too. It’s not only your foot that benefits of the massage’s effects, but also your physical and mental health. All those nerve endings from your foot can be stimulated by massage. Reflexology is an alternative medicine which improves the functioning of diverse organs and systems from the human body by massaging and pressing particular points, where the nerve endings are.

foot massage

However, scientific research confirmed the power of massage, as numerous studies revealed that this habit promotes great blood circulation, relaxation, and improves the natural healing power of your body. You can take advantage of this therapy by learning to massage your feet at home, before going to bed. The effects of this technique will not disappoint you.

  • Alleviates chronic pain

Massaging your feet relaxes them, and also reduces their swelling. This way, the pain you feel in your feet will go away.

But it has been proved that feet massage can also reduce other types of pain, not only that related to feet muscles. For example, a study published in 2014 by the American Society for Pain Management Nursing shows that patients who had a breast surgery found relief in feet massage, as this technique helped them to alleviate the postoperative pain. Another medical study, published in the same year, revealed the amazing benefits of this massage for those who suffer from neck sprain or neck strain, as well as other injuries that cause chronic pain.

  • Improves blood circulation

The blood circulation in your feet suffers a lot because of uncomfortable shoes. However, stimulating it by exercising is difficult, but you can go with massage. This way, the blood circulation from the lower extremities will be improved. A session of 10-20 minutes of feet massage relaxes the nerves and tissues from this area. You will also get rid of tingling, numbness or burning sensation caused by the lack of oxygen and nutrients, triggered by poor circulation.

  • Lowers blood pressure

Having a high blood pressure exposes you to a wide variety of medical conditions, some of them even life-threatening. But did you know that you can reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure by massaging your feet? A study published this year in PLOS One shows that this technique lowers blood pressure significantly, and you don’t need an expert to take advantage of its benefits. The participants in the study were massaging their feet by themselves.

  • Helps you sleep better

Sleep deprivation is a leading cause of numerous health issues, but it can also be hard to eliminate. If you allow yourself enough time to rest, but you end up thinking about your problems and worries, you should try feet massage, too. This therapy promotes restful sleep, and it fights stress and anxiety. If you want to boost the effect of feet massage before going to bed, go with some aromatic essential oils. For example, try lavender massage oil, which is also known for its relaxing proprieties.

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