Protect Your Kidneys from These Dangerous Habits

Our kidneys are our two best buddies. They help keep our bodies clean and healthy by destroying the waste and toxins, flushing them out through urination. They have the task of regulating the minerals from our bodies, including calcium and phosphate.

habits that damage your kidneys

Furthermore, our kidneys are the ones responsible for producing essential hormones. These are necessary for the proper functioning of our kidneys, as well as for the red blood cell formation that will carry the oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

If your kidneys are starting to act up, it means that they will need proper care. Symptoms of problematic kidneys are fatigue, urine change, dizziness, and vomiting, itchy skin, plus bad breath. If you are known to have kidney problems, these are some habits that might be affecting your organs.

  • You aren’t drinking enough water

In order for your blood to be less concentrated, you need to drink lots of water. This will keep everything flowing, without allowing masses and toxic buildups to form. You will have to drink around 10-12 glasses a day in order to keep the body well hydrated.

  • Delaying the need to urinate

The more you keep it in, the more bacteria starts building up. Allowing the urine to stay longer in the bladder might lead towards you developing a urinary tract infection. So, the next time, you feel the need to pee, just let it go (find a toilet first, though).

  • Too many analgesics

People who suffer from aches and fevers may take many analgesics to cope with the pain. However, many studies showed that taking too many analgesics for a longer time period can cause disruptions to the blood flow. Their functions will be endangered due to the lowered blood flow within.

  • Alcohol abuse

It is known that too much alcohol can be problematic for your kidneys. If you go past the recommended dose for a day, you might find yourself with tubular obstructions due to uric acid buildups in your renal tubes. Plus, alcohol leads to dehydration and disrupts the regular functioning of your kidneys.

  • Smoking

This dangerous habit is not only harmful to your lungs but also for the rest of your body. Smoking will increase your heart rate and blood pressure on one hand, and decrease the blood flow while narrowing the vessels in the kidneys on the other hand. Needless to say, this habit is extremely dangerous for your kidneys.

  • Not enough sleep

Many people choose to do other activities instead of sleeping. They all seem to say “I’ll have enough time to sleep after I die.” What they do not know is that lack of sleep might get them closer to their ‘goal’ than they originally thought. In order for the tissues in your organs to renew, you will need at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night.

These common habits can cause more damage to your kidneys than you thought. In order to live a healthy life, try to avoid these situations and focus on a healthy diet.

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