Prevent Varicose Veins With Some Simple Lifestyle Changes

Varicose veins and enlarged and twisted veins are caused by excessive pressure from sitting or standing for long periods of time, but also by genetic factors.


The farthest extremity from the heart are the legs; that is why extra effort is needed to pump the blood back to the heart against gravity. The calves’ muscles play an important role in this process, more precisely the paired valves which prevent backflow of the blood. But when the veins become dilated and lose elasticity, the paired valves start to fail, and the blood gets pooled in the veins, making them bulge out and twist.

Although varicose veins are seen mostly in women, they can also be observed in any person who has to work in a standing position for many hours. Other causes include obesity and pregnancy, as they put extra weight on the legs. The most common varicose veins symptoms are pain, ulceration, severe itching, and eczema. If left untreated, they can lead to deep vein thrombosis, a medical condition which requires immediate medical intervention.

Varicose veins can be surgically removed or destroyed with injections of chemicals or lasers. These invasive treatments can be avoided by improving blood circulation and strengthening the walls of the blood vessels with some simple natural remedies and lifestyle changes.

  • Maintain an Ideal Weight

Obese or overweight women are more prone to develop varicose veins. All the excess pounds apply pressure on the legs, preventing normal blood circulation. By maintaining an ideal weight, you will keep varicose veins away.

  • Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

You already know that foods rich in fiber help prevent constipation. What you did not know is that fiber also helps prevent varicose veins, thanks to its blood circulation-enhancing properties.

  • Cut Intake of Sodium

Foods that are rich in sodium, such as seafood, salami, bacon, tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, mustard, bananas, grapes, grapefruit, olives or coconut milk, increase the blood pressure. Reduce the intake of sodium and keep blood pressure at normal levels and the unsightly varicose veins away.

  • Exercise Regularly

Jogging and brisk walking can keep blood circulation at its best, reducing the chances of developing varicose veins. Regular exercising can also improve the appearance of existing varicose veins.

  • Avoid Standing for Long Periods of Time

Standing is one of the main causes of varicose veins. If your job requires you to stand for a long period, try to walk around from time to time or shift position regularly. You will help the blood circulate in the lower extremities.

  • Sit Properly

Crossing your legs increases the chances of developing varicose veins. Next time when you sit down, avoid crossing your legs, maintain a proper posture and if you can, try to elevate your legs to avoid pressure.

  • Avoid Tight-Fitting Garments and high heels

You should stay away from garments that are too tight in the groin area and around the waist because they restrict the blood flow to the legs. You should also try to wear compression stockings to decrease the chances of developing varicose veins.

High heels are sexy, and they do make your legs look beautiful. Unfortunately, they also put unwanted strain on your legs.

Adopt these simple lifestyle changes, and you will keep away those unaesthetic and painful varicose veins.

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