This is Why Pharmaceutical Antibiotics Aren’t Good for You

Vaccines and antibiotics have been placed by the CDC at the top of the medical breakthroughs of the 20th century.  Indeed, we have been using them to treat our infections and get healthy. But what the CDC failed to mention is that while antibiotics are great, they are also really bad and can cause horrifying side effects.

side effects of antibiotics

Imagine you’re in a horror movie, and that you’re burning from the inside out. It’s not fantasy, this is actually a disease called Steven-Johnson syndrome, which blisters your body to the point that you will have to be treated as a burn victim. And most of the time, that condition is a gruesome side effect of antibiotics.

Doctors explained that the skin is not truly burned, but that the skin barrier function is just compromised. They also added that there is no way to predict which patients would have this type of reaction to antibiotics.

Avoid the Damage Done by Antibiotics

It is known that antibiotics are used to deplete digestion and the immune system, supporting the formation of probiotic bacteria. Because of this, increased consumption of fermented food and probiotic supplementations are required for the antibiotics to take effect.

Long story short, antibiotics are a smaller version of chemotherapy, killing everything in their path regardless if it’s good or bad. This is why most doctors recommend a probiotic intake of fermented foods to be taken along with the antibiotics. Milk, water kefirs or sauerkraut are good to be taken even with natural antibiotics.

Antibiotics Can Cause Severe Neurological Damage

Old patient data was analyzed and it was discovered that antibiotics can be linked to delirium and other neurological conditions. Other patients that they studied have also experienced hallucinations, seizures, delusions or muscle twitching. Upon studying their EEG tests, they also seemed to have an abnormal brain electrical activity.

Thus, the antibiotics will not only attack the bacteria but will also interfere with the brain signals. The level of toxicity can differ from patient to patient, as different antibiotics can affect the brain in a different way.

Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics: The True Bad Guys

Upon being prescribed Fluoroquinolone-based antibiotics, most people went through real bad side-effects. Imagine exchanging a simple bladder infection with extreme joint pain that extends through life, torn ligaments or neurological problems. That doesn’t sound very good, does it? This is why you need to keep a close eye on the medicine that’s going to be used on you. Most antibiotics that contain “flox” of “ox” (like Avelox, Noroxin or Floxin) are usually based on Fluoroquinolone, so you need to be aware of the dangers involved.

While many people do not want to admit how Big Pharma destroyed their lives, it is clear that these side effects can gravely affect you in the long-term and can cause very painful diseases. Some were even known to commit suicide just so that they can escape the pain or the paralysis. In order to avoid these situations, check the labels so that you know exactly what you’re taking and how you‘re taking the pills.

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