Pet Allergies Causing Lung Inflammation

We do love our pets, but we do not love the dander they shed. Dander is the dead skin that will fall all over your house and which could trigger some allergies that will debut with a nasal irritation. If your immune system is strong, it will fight these allergens and will work to get rid of them. Having allergies denotes the fact that you might be having a hypersensitive immune system.

pet allergies

About pet allergies

Allergies are perceived by the body as threats, even though they might be everyday components of the environment. Red eyes, a runny nose that keeps sneezing all the time, watery eyes are all symptoms of these allergies. It may appear that everything is taking place physically, but when it comes to allergies, the mind has its own contribution. For instance, those who present an allergy to pollen will start showing symptoms just by imagining that they are in a field with flowers. The animal-related allergies, however, are even worse, especially if you own a furry animal which lives with you, in the same house.

The definition of a hypersensitive immune system is that, instead of just reacting to bacteria and parasites that could really affect it, it will also react to proteins that present no harm, known under the name of allergens. In the case of animals, these allergens are to be found in the dander they shed and they keep adding up on the fur. Sometimes, they will be stuck to every item in the house your pet gets to touch. They will also travel through air, so even the places where there are no pets can be affected. How can dander affect our lungs and sinuses?

Someone who suffers from allergies knows that itching, swelling or redness are all parts of the trouble. So, the eyes and the nose are the first to be affected by this matter. The allergens will enter the membranes of your nose and eyes causing these reactions. However, it often happens for these small compounds to get into the lungs and cause respiratory problems. The problem is even more serious for someone who has asthma, as these allergens could lead to a severe attack.

How to deal with allergies naturally?

It does not mean that if you are allergic you must get rid of your pet! If you allergies are mild, take small and simple steps. Start by keeping your pet as clean as possible and do not let dust accumulate on surfaces. This way, you can reduce the amount of dander produced by your furry little friend.

You should know that you also get the possibility to take shots that contain the actual allergen. In this case, dander extract, to better stay in control of the symptoms. Whether this is the right option for you or not, it is up to you to decide!

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  1. I’m definitely going through this while my grandkitty & puppy are visiting.

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