Papaya Seeds and Their Amazing Health Benefits

You already know the benefits of papaya. What you did not know is that you can also use the seeds of this amazing fruit.

health benefits of papaya seeds

So, next time when you eat a juicy papaya, keep the seeds too. They are edible and have many health benefits that you didn’t even know about, such as preventing the spread of cancerous cells or killing off bacteria. What you can do is simply chew the papaya seeds if you can handle the peppery and bitter taste, or you can ground them and add milk and honey. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should stay away from papaya seeds as they might trigger uterine contractions and bad lactation.

Health benefits of papaya seeds

  • Better digestion

Papaya seeds contain some enzymes that increase the assimilation of protein in food. This allows your body to use this nutrient in the digestive process. For those of us eating a lot of meat, the digestive process might be slow especially if we have extra large serving sizes, rushed meals, stomach acid production, and slow digestive enzymes.

  • Fighting cancer

The isothiocyanates found in papaya seeds are chemicals that are known for their properties in helping the body fight cancer, by reducing cancerous tumors and preventing cells from spreading. Papaya seeds are believed to stop prostate, leukemia, breast, colon and lung cancer cells from spreading and multiplying.

  • Good for inflammation

Both the papaya fruit and its seeds have anti-inflammatory properties. Untreated inflammation can cause osteoporosis, arthritis, accelerated aging, weight gain, cancer or diabetes. So if you already suffer from inflammation, you’d better take advantage of these papaya seeds.

  • Curing liver cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is a disease that progresses slowly, causing healthy liver tissues to be replaced by scar tissue. The scar tissue blocks the flow of drugs, nutrients, hormones, and naturally produced toxins, causing the liver to shut down.

By grinding 5 to 6 papaya seeds and adding lime juice, you can prepare a drink that can heal liver cirrhosis. Take this drink daily for a month and you will see the amazing benefits of the nutrients in the papaya seeds.

  • Good against microbes and parasites

No more bitter medicine and antibiotics to get rid of viruses, bacteria or parasites. Papaya seeds can do all that by chewing on a few seeds or by preparing a tasty drink with papaya seeds powder, milk and honey. You can also consume the juice of papaya leaves. The benefits are the same.

Papaya seeds also make your intestines an unpleasant environment for intestinal worms. Children in Nigeria are given papaya juice or seeds for a week as a treatment for parasitic worms.

  • Contraceptive properties

Over-the-counter contraceptives can have some dangerous side effects. Well, what if we tell you that you can get rid of those? Papaya seeds prove to be quite an efficient male contraceptive. Your partner has to take a teaspoon of papaya seeds per day for three months for a full effect.

These are only a few of the health benefits papaya seeds have to offer. We can have a healthy life or get rid of some diseases only by using what nature gives us.

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