Pandan Leaves – Unsuspected Health Benefits

Pandan is also referred to as screwpine, and its leaves are used in Asiatic cuisine, especially in Thai cooking. These leaves are aromatic, and they have a sweet flavor. That’s why they are a popular spice when it comes to desserts. But besides a wonderful flavor, pandan leaves have incredible health benefits, ranging from reducing fever to eliminating dandruff.

pandan leaves benefits

If you want to benefit from the amazing proprieties of pandan leaves at any time, you can try to cultivate your own pandan, as it does not require special care. You can plant one in your backward and then enjoy fresh pandan leaves whenever you need or want.

One of the best ways of consuming it is as tea or juice. For this purpose, take a few leaves, wash them thoroughly, and make sure that you boil them for about 10 minutes; this is necessary for relieving all the oils out of the leaves. Then remove the leaves and let the solution cool down. Once it has reached the room temperature, you can drink it or apply it to the affected area, depending on your problem.

  • Abdominal cramps

Pandan leaves are used in traditional medicine for curing a large variety of digestive problems, and they are very efficient in the case of abdominal cramps. One cup of pandan tea is the perfect solution when it comes to abdominal cramps, flatulence or indigestion.

  • Constipation

Another problem that pandan tea can heal is constipation. The effect of drinking pandan tea, in this particular case, is the regulation of the bowel movement. This way, by drinking pandan tea or juice you will forget about constipation in a few days.

  • Fever

It is well-known that your body needs plenty of fluids when you have a high temperature. But what if you could drink something that helps you maintain hydrated and, at the same time, reduces the fever? This amazing drink is pandan tea.

  • Fatigue

Feeling tired all the time or having a low level of energy is something you should worry about if you sleep enough. But if you recover from a surgery, illness or you simply couldn’t sleep well, fatigue is a normal thing, even though it’s still annoying. To boost your energy, you should try a cup of pandan tea. It will increase your energy level naturally, due to its content of vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients, and it doesn’t have any side effects.

  • Rheumatism

Pandan leaves have anti-inflammatory proprieties that help you deal with rheumatic pain. For this purpose, you can also drink pandan tea or juice, but it is even more efficient to apply it directly to the affected area. Prepare a strong pandan tea, by using a lot of leaves, then soak a small cotton towel in the solution and apply it as a compress on the affected joints. You can also use the whole pandan leaves, by applying them to the affected area.

  • Dandruff

Pandan leaves are successfully used in eliminating dandruff and reversing hair loss. You can use the tea as a mask for your hair. Apply warm pandan tea on your hair, especially on your scalp, and massage for a few minutes. Then simply rinse with water, without shampooing.

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