Olive Oil and Nuts Reduce Breast Cancer Risk by 51 Percent

According to recent data, breast cancer occurrence has grown with appreciatively 20 percent in the last seven years. The deaths caused by this cancerous infection have also grown by 14 percent. As a matter of fact, breast cancer is one of the common health problems that determines death among women.

olive oil and nuts for breast cancer

In this regard, the mammogram is not the most effective method for breast cancer prevention. Research indicates that these screening programs present contrary effects, while contributing to accelerating the worsening of the condition.

In this view, more and more scientific research show that a wide range of foods present anti-cancer properties. Thus, researchers discovered that the popular Mediterranean diet presented a significant impact on breast cancer prevention.

Mediterranean diet prevents breast cancer

Studies developed on country population indicated that breast cancer frequency is significantly lower in Mediterranean countries in comparison with countries in Central and Northern Europe and the United States.

The Mediterranean diet differentiates itself from the modern diet due to its richness in fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and olive oil.

A Spanish study, published in JAMA International Medicine tested the effects this diet encompassed concerning breast cancer, in comparison with a diet low in fat, on 4282 obese women aged between 60 and 80 years. Obesity is considered one of the factors that mainly contributes to the development of breast cancer.

The participants were divided into three groups.

  • The first group followed a Mediterranean diet including 30 grams of nuts a day
  • The second group followed a Mediterranean diet including an addition of 4 tablespoons of extra-viring olive oil a day
  • The third group followed a diet low in fat

After five years’ time, the women who followed the Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil experienced an appreciatively 68 percent lower risk than the third group of women. The additional calories encompassed by the olive oil reduced breast cancer by 28 percent.

The first group experienced beneficial results as well; breast cancer risk was diminished by 41 percent in comparison with the third group.

Generally speaking, the women who included typical Mediterranean diet ingredients benefited from an appreciative 51 percent reduction of breast cancer risk.

Olive oil is the secret ingredient

Olive oil contains a variety of polyphenol antioxidants, which determined the beneficial results of the Spanish study. One of this powerful polyphenols is oleocanthal. This particular compound is filled with powerful antioxidant properties, being considered a natural alternative to Ibuprofen.

Studies developed in the laboratory also show that this particular compound can eliminate cancerous cells effectively.

Other powerful compounds found in olive oil include oleic acid, which presents amazing properties in combating intracellular oxidative stress.

Additionally, studies have indicated that the Mediterranean diet can reduce the risks of other cancerous affections with appreciatively 61 percent. Olive oil is believed to be effective in combating cardiovascular diseases as well.

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