Natural Solutions for a Thicker Hair

The way your hair looks can be influenced by a large variety of factors, such as stress, overuse of hairstyle products, weather or what you eat. But how can we repair the damaged caused by all these aspects? Before bursting into a drugstore for some expensive treatments, think of trying some natural solutions. Advantages? Plenty of cash saved, no side effects, and the products are probably already in your kitchen.

thicker hair naturally

  • Eggs

Eggs contain plenty of proteins, which can make your hair stronger and healthier. They are also simple to use as a nutritious mask. Just beat one egg or two, massage it into your hair and scalp and let it action for 10 minutes. Then shampoo, rinse and enjoy your shiny, bright hair.

  • Avocado

Another hair thickener that can be found in our kitchen is avocado. Make a paste out of a half avocado and then apply it on your hair. After one hour, your hair will be full of vitality and its health condition will be visibly improved.

  • Olive oil

Olive oil is available in almost any kitchen. It is beneficial when consumed internally, but also when it’s applied on your hair. In only one hour, it can do wonders to your hair. This time, you’ll have to shampoo well, because of its consistency.  If you would like a cheaper alternative, you can use coconut oil in the same manner.

  • Orange juice

Oranges are well known for their high content of vitamin C and antioxidants. The benefits of these upon your hair condition have been acknowledged for a long time, and many shampoos have citric ingredients. So why wouldn’t you try to squeeze the juice from an orange and use it as a revitalizing mask on your hair?

  • Flaxseed

Known for their great amount of fatty acids, flaxseeds are often used in healthy diets. But those fatty acids are beneficial for your hair and scalp, too. Grind three tablespoons of flaxseed, put them in water and let them in there for 5 days. Then, use a cotton ball to apply the resulted solution on your scalp. Let it action for about 10 minutes, and then rinse.

  • Aloe Vera

The fact that so many beauty care products contain aloe vera is not pure coincidence. The benefits of this herb are remarkable. So, if you have access to it, don’t hesitate to use it. The gel obtained when breaking off a leave can be applied to your scalp and left there for about 30 minutes. After that, just rinse the gel off, without shampooing.

  • Gooseberry

You may have heard of the benefits of eating gooseberry, but what about its external use? It can be used as an extraordinary care product for your hair. How? Just boil one tablespoon of dried gooseberry together with two tablespoons of coconut oil and you’ll have a reliable hair-thickener solution. Apply it on your scalp and hair and you can let it act even for an entire night. In the morning, you will have to shampoo and rinse; this treatment may require some effort, but it would definitely be worth it.

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