Natural Solutions to Cure Seizures

Seizures – what are they? Severe contractions in the muscles, unconsciousness, and electrical discharges in the brain leading to the muscles’ rigidity – these symptoms describe the condition known as seizure, or epilepsy when the condition is recurring. For other people, though, these symptoms may emerge only when the brain suffers from irritation, which is a rare happening.

ways to prevent seizures

On the other hand, for some people, this condition may develop into a chronic state, and in this scenario, medical intervention is necessary. Medical practitioners claim that the drugs that are typically prescribed for treating seizures lead to improper nutrition which causes various ailments. On that account, trying some natural remedies can be a great idea as they are free of side-effects.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids

Possibly, one of the most important nutrients in a person’s diet, omega three fatty acids are essential in ensuring the overall health of the individual suffering from seizures. In fact, there’s medical proof outlining that omega three fatty acids regulate the circulation of the blood, and ensures the correct functioning of the nervous system. On that account, consider having fish such as sardines and trout, and opt for fish oil when cooking. If you’re vegetarian, you should ensure that you eat plenty of nuts to provide you with the essential intake of omega three fatty acids.

  • Herbal remedies

Turning to herbs is also a viable option for persons dealing with seizures. For instance, bacopa leaf, which is also referred to as bacopamonnieri, is highly recommended for curing seizures the natural way. It aims at enhancing the brains’ cognitive functions, which will diminish the occurrence of seizures. You should administer a 200 to 400 mg of the herb for most promising results, a day. Other equally effective herbs include black walnut hull, Gingko Biloba, holy thistle, European mistletoe, and Gotu kola. It’s recommended to boil these herbs and afterward, extract their juice. You should drink three glasses of these infusions per day.

  • Plenty of rest

Rest is primordial for supporting the body’s correct functioning. And rest doubles its importance for persons dealing with epileptic seizures. You should concentrate on providing rest to your central nervous system – 8 hours of sleep per night are a necessity. If you can, you should also take a nap at lunch. Also, try to steer clear of stressful situations that may trouble your nerves.

  • Lifestyle changes

If you wish to keep seizures at bay, some lifestyle changes are in order. For instance, avoid consuming alcoholic drinks and smoking. That applies even if you’ve suffered from a single seizure accident of this kind in your life. Alcohol combined with smoke may make your system agitated and excited, therefore, can contribute to the appearance of unexpected seizure attacks.

  • Essential oils

You can always turn to essential oils if you’re suffering from seizures. The best ones are marjoram and lavender oil. You should only inhale them, or, alternatively, you could opt for a diffuser, to make the surrounding air soothing for your nerves and prevent epileptic seizures.

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