Music Can Improve Your Health

Just like any other art form, music is more than just entertainment. It is a crucial part of our mental well-being; it is what inspires and motivates us to succeed in our activities and it helps us deal with daily stress while keeping a good attitude. To disregard its benefits on our health would be untruthful.

music for your health

Music has already been recognized by researchers as a valid tool in improving both the body and the mind. Music has been shown to enhance performance and stamina during exercise, as well as improve the mood and ability to focus during tasks.

Not just a simple pleasure

According to The Top Tens, studies have shown music to ensure proper heart rate and blood pressure. A hospital conducted an experiment where patients with cardiovascular problems listened to classical music on a daily basis. For reference, a group of patients with similar physical condition did not listen to any music. When compared, the first group showed physical improvement compared to the second one, proving the measurable benefits that music has on the body.

The improvement in concentration is quite well noticed among regular people and studies have backed that up. A study conducted at the Stanford University School of Medicine concluded that music is one of the best ways of improving focus and cognitive abilities.

Moods are known to be related to brain performance, with differences being noticed in studies based on the emotion that different types of music transmitted. It has been found that energic, joyful rhythms improve motivation, which translated into a better mental performance when compared to sadder songs.

Music during exercise is another common practice, with research showing that it’s not just our ability to focus that is improved. The body’s performance has shown to be improved overall, particularly when it comes to stamina. A study discovered that, when listening to music, men were able to sustain effort 11 percent longer than with no auditory stimulus.

Music against stress

Another way music can help improve your daily life is by reducing stress. Music is well known to keep us “in the zone” when it comes to demanding tasks as well as carry us to another world when we want to relax. Dark, depressing and powerful songs are a good relief for people experiencing difficulties in their life, as it allows them to feel understood – as if someone managed to perfectly translate their feelings to musical rhythm and lyrics.

As expected, optimistic and energetic music helps improve mood significantly. Positive songs provide a great boost of energy and motivation to tackle challenges in life with a good attitude. As mentioned, this not only benefits your mental performance, but it can also be translated to improved physical abilities.

Music is one of the most beneficial arts we have. Not only can it stand its own, but it is a great boost of mental and physical energy when doing our daily activities. Not admitting that would mean missing out on one of the better pleasures in life.

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