The Multifunctional Dandelion that Can Treat Hepatitis, Liver Problems, Cancer, and More

We see dandelions everywhere when summer hits, but have you ever thought of their therapeutic properties? Not only do they brighten up the season, but they can also treat allergies, detoxify the liver, lower cholesterol and have diuretic properties. Plus, they proved to be extremely beneficial for pregnant women and those going through menopause. Who would have thought a simple dandelion could do so many things?

dandelion benefits

Top-Notch Purifying Properties

The best time to harvest dandelions would be at the end of March – beginning of April. The best advice would be to pick them from places which weren’t exposed to pollution, such as a field or somewhere far away from the roads and towns. Since every part has some sort of medicinal property, it’s best that you pick it up from the root, using a knife.

You can use it as a tea, syrup or even a salad. Mix it with some potatoes and eggs, and you’ll have a vitamin salad that will be more nutritious than tomatoes and spinach. Plus, it’s richer in carotene than carrots are, and it can relieve you of stomach problems, purify the blood, stimulate the gallbladder functions and regulate the metabolism. It’s also seen as a great aid for those who suffer from diabetes, and the syrup can also improve digestion, strengthen the blood and relieve a cough.

Dandelion Helps with Cancer

Have you realized by now how beneficial it can be? But what if we tell you it can help cure cancer? New studies have shown that dandelion root can help treat cancer if used correctly. To prepare this cure, you should cut the root into small bits and let it dry for 13-14 days. Afterwards, it can be kept in a jar away from humid places for up to a year.

Dandelion root can help you treat lymph, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and even more. It purifies your body, acting as a detoxifying agent, and it can help you in various health issues. Therefore, it has been proven to be very helpful to treat arthritis, gallstones, constipation, hepatitis, rheumatism, edema and acne. It is also extremely helpful when it comes to treating women’s conditions, especially breast cancer, tumors, cysts and issues related to breastfeeding and breast milk.

Here are some ways for you to use dandelions:

  • Syrup: 400 dandelion flowers, 4 lemons, 3 orange slices and 3L of water should be mixed and left for 24 hours. Afterwards, strain the mixture and add it into a pot along with 2 cups of sugar, frequently stirring for half an hour until it gains a thick, syrupy composition.
  • Tea: Use either dry leaves or root to make the tea. Pour a cup of boiling water over a tablespoon of dried dandelion, and let it cool for 5 minutes. Afterwards, you can sweeten it with honey and drink it.

Dandelion can be a great ally to treat various ailments, from mild to worse. Therefore, the next time you pass by some dandelions, don’t just leave them there – take them home with you.

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