Marvelous Health Benefits of Neem Plant

Neem plant has been showing us its trick for at least 500 years now, which is why it is most appreciated in India. It can treat your body from the inside out, which is the reason why the Indian villagers call it the “village pharmacy.” Nothing from neem tree is left without benefits, and you can use everything including the bark, seeds or leaves to get your health benefits. You can find neem in various forms, ranging from pastes, powders, extracts and twigs. Mainly, villagers of India use the twigs to brush their teeth with them.

neem remedies

Neem is really high in fatty acids and a great source of antioxidants, having the ability to strengthen the immune system, kill bad bacteria, and provide analgesic properties. Plus, it is also known for its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties along with its ability to improve blood circulation. It can flush out the toxins from your body and help prevent periodontal disease, stomach disorders, and diabetes.

Make a Neem Paste That Will Save Your Skin

If you have any kinds of skin conditions such as acne, eczema or dryness, neem paste can help your skin look good again. Just grind the leaves using a mortar and a pestle, and apply the paste to your skin. 20 minutes later, you can wash it off and see how your skin has already softened.

Another way to prepare neem paste is to soak the leaves in some hot water. Crush the leaves afterwards with an adequate amount of water and make a paste out of it. The way in which you use it remains the same. You can also make a neem paste out of dried leaves, which still provide many health benefits. You can use the paste to treat skin infections, pimples, acne or boils.

Furthermore, not only does neem paste help you with these minor conditions, but it can also prove to be a great help in treating conditions such as scabies. Since it is a highly contagious illness, the neem treatment will help soothe the skin and numb the pain caused by the disease. Once you treat your scabies with neem, you will realize that the inflammation has been reduced, the redness has faded and the itching was relieved.

Neem Oil for a Healthy Hair

Neem oil can treat your hair by supporting the keratin production which will make your hair look healthier, shinier and younger. It can prevent the apparition of grey hairs, which is why it is the first choice for Indians and Asians when it comes to hair care. Also, if you accidentally add too much water on your skin paste, you can use it for your hair instead. It will provide you with the same effect.

Neem can also be used internally, as a fruit. It has the ability to kill intestinal worms, treat ulcers and combat urinary diseases. Use this amazing plant, and treat your skin, your hair, and your whole body from the inside out!

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