Managing Diabetes without Medication

The bad news when it comes to diabetes is that it cannot be treated. It can, however, be handled, if you are willing to take on a healthier lifestyle and to change your eating habits. Yes, there are drugs that have been specially designed to deal with this issue, but apart from the fact that they are quite expensive, they might also cause some really nasty side effects.

homemade recipe for diabetes

Those who suffer from this condition know that every meal is a challenge. They need to monitor everything they take in to be able to keep the level of sugar in normal limits, otherwise they would have to face some disturbing symptoms.

So, it is best to leave aside any medication and simply focus on some more natural remedies. 4 years ago, a man has been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. He was feeling thirsty all the time and this is how his doctor came to realize the condition he was suffering from.

He immediately started to take medicines and managed to handle his condition for a while. However, his condition evolved in time. His cholesterol levels started to rise and his blood pressure went up to 150/100. The medicines he was taking had new side effects, so now he was facing other issues too.

He realized this and decided to take on a new approach on the condition: he decided to start eating more fruits and vegetables and stated that he would be able to change his odds by eating raw food.

He stumbled upon a TV show where a doctor talked about the way he changed his life in the past 12 years simply by eating raw food. The next step the man did? He went out and bought a blender and started to eat nothing else but raw food. The results? Absolutely amazing!

His blood sugar levels dropped amazingly. He even stopped administrating himself insulin, considering that the new diet would do the job for him. He also lost the extra pounds, which is a great benefit for diabetes and high blood pressure. In 25 days, he managed to lose 11 kg. Want to know how? Check out the recipe below:


  • 2 apples
  • 2 bananas
  • 5 kiwis
  • ½ l of water
  • One hand of kale

Preparation method

  • First, carefully peel the kiwis and the bananas.
  • The second step is to chop all the ingredients.
  • Place all of them into the blender and also make sure that you will add that ½ l of water.
  • Start blending them until the moment when you notice that a smooth paste has been created.

Now, all you need to do is to relax and enjoy the juice. It should be consumed before breakfast, but only half of the quantity. The remains can be consumed later, during the day. After all, there is no rush. Make sure to consume the whole juice during that day. Otherwise, it will lose all of its properties!

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