Why the Less Known Cosmetic Acupuncture Is Better than Botox

Nowadays, Botox is the go-to solution for many people wishing to fight against aging effects on the skin; while it does help keep some of the wrinkles at bay, the treatment can be quite expensive and bring several side effects. It is this reason why you should be informed of alternative techniques that can help you preserve your youth with minimal risks. Cosmetic acupuncture comes to do just that, as its effectiveness can easily overcome that of Botox while eliminating the concerns related to it as well.


The disadvantages of Botox

One of the most known drawbacks is its short effect; Botox is not the most affordable procedure long-term, as it takes hundreds of dollars per procedure, with the effect only lasting for 3 to 6 months. It needs to be repeated after that.

When it comes to effectiveness, the treatment works quite well for wrinkles caused by muscle contraction, but it has no effects on those caused by gravity and sun exposure. It also comes with risks of various side effects such as weak muscles, rashes, bruising and redness when it comes to the skin. Other possible symptoms are dizziness, dry mouth, respiratory and urinary problems, dry eyes and these are just a few of a long list. While the majority are safe from these problems, it is worth keeping the risks in mind.

Why cosmetic acupuncture is better

Cosmetic acupuncture manages to reduce wrinkles due to the wide variety of benefits that it brings to facial muscles. The insertion of needles into the skin will also stimulate the production of collagen, an essential protein that keeps the skin healthy and attractive.

Besides wrinkles, skin color and various conditions such as acne can see improvement with cosmetic acupuncture, as the procedure encourages proper blood circulation in the area. While science has not yet confirmed the effects of this approach, there are numerous patients that have reported remarkable improvement from this treatment.

The advantages are clear, as acupuncture actually encourages the body to naturally create proper conditions for a healthier and more beautiful skin as opposed to artificially making the muscles respond to injected substances.

It is fair that we talk about the possible side effects of cosmetic acupuncture as well – patients can experience bruising, soreness, fatigue and mood swing following the procedure. However, these are not very likely to happen and will pass sooner than in the case of Botox if you do get affected by them.

Once you find the most convenient clinic offering cosmetic acupuncture in your area, a frequency of 5 to 10 sessions spread throughout one or two weeks is recommended for a start. Maintenance sessions should then be performed every 4-6 weeks. While we can’t say it is cheap at $100 per session, the fact that it promotes a natural response from the body means that you can rely on the effects longer than with Botox, which eventually disappears from under your skin.

Sometimes it is better to help our body work the way we want it rather than force it, and this is where cosmetic acupuncture shines compared with Botox. A more natural approach will have your skin thank you with a healthier, more youthful look.

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