Juniper Tincture – The Best Remedy for Water Retention and Kidney Disorders

Juniper tincture is the most efficient remedy for the proper functioning of the urinary system. It detoxifies the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract and it’s helpful in treating chronic urinary infections, reducing the burning and pain when urinating and diminishing the joint, muscular and ligament pain.


Juniper – Powerful Renal Stimulant

Juniper is one of the strongest diuretic plants in Europe. It stimulates the kidneys and it’s efficient for the detoxification of the organism. Those who suffer from water retention and have edema, dark circles around the eyes or puffy eyes can get rid of these problems by using juniper tincture.

Most of the women suffer from water retention. When there is an excessive accumulation of fluid in the tissues, it means that there is an issue with your kidneys. When they don’t function properly, the kidneys are no longer able to eliminate the toxins and the excess water from the body.

Juniper Tincture – Recipe

You can purchase juniper tincture from the healthy food stores or you can prepare it at home. Put 100g of juniper grains in a bottle and let them soak in 500 ml 70° alcohol. After 10 days, you can strain the solution and transfer it into a dark glass bottle.

Take 1 teaspoon of tincture and dilute it in ½ glass of water. Take this remedy 4 times per day. The treatment must last 12 days, with a 7-day break. Don’t follow this treatment for more than 6 weeks.

Those who have already used this remedy have noticed that the dark circles and puffy eyes have been significantly reduced. Also, their feet and hands were not swollen anymore and the edema disappeared.

Another benefit that comes with taking juniper tincture is that you can lose weight. This comes as a result of the excess water elimination.


Those who suffer from ulcer  or hyperacid gastritis, those who are not allowed to consume alcohol or who have hepatitis, cirrhosis or hepatic steatosis must not use the juniper tincture. The same applies to the persons who suffer from kidney failure, nephrosis or nephritis. If you have any of these issues, you must consult your doctor to see if you can take the tincture. Neither the nursing nor the pregnant women are allowed to follow this treatment because of the alcohol content. Also, you are not allowed to use the juniper tincture for a prolonged period of time because it can cause urinary tract irritations.

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