Itchy Skin – Cure It Naturally

Itchy skin, or pruritus, is a condition that can cause a great deal of discomfort and embarrassment in public. On top of that, it also affects the ability to focus on your everyday tasks.

itchy skin remedies

Its causes are varied, going from lighter conditions such as dryness or rashes to more serious ones, such as infections, unwanted reactions to medication or persistent medical disorders. Let’s have a short look at a few causes.


Dry skin is one of the easier causes to treat. It occurs in environments with low humidity. Long exposure to air conditioning and excessive bathing and scrubbing can lead to the same result. There are numerous natural moisturizers that can help with these cases, some of which we’ll mention later in the article.

Itchy skin can also be an effect of more visible conditions such as eczema, chickenpox or psoriasis. It is recommended that you look into medical advice for such cases, as it is important to battle the cause in order to escape from the symptoms.

There are also various medical conditions that itchy skin can be caused by: liver and thyroid problems, anemia, leukemia, diabetes are just a few of the serious problems that may cause it. Although these cases are rare and not a reason to panic at the first increased need to scratch, it is good that you get in the habit of doing medical checkups regularly.

Besides that, topical products such as soaps and cosmetics can cause unwanted skin reactions, pruritus being one of  them. Medication against narcotic pain and fungus can also be a cause. Pregnant women are also likely to suffer from itchiness.


  • Clay is an item recommended for various skin problems such as acne, bug bites, skin spots and, of course, itchy skin. To prepare the treatment, mix clay and water until you get a cream-like consistency. Apply the solution to the problematic areas, let it dry and act on your skin. It can then be rinsed using plain water or simply peeled off.
  • Another natural remedy for itchy skin is represented by olive oil and oats bath. It is commonly used to treat skin problems such as eczema. You need the following: three tablespoons of olive oil, ¼ cup of baking soda, ½ cup of oats in powder form (can be obtained with a coffee blender). Add all these to your bath water and mix thoroughly. Stay in the water for at least 15 minutes in order to relieve itchiness.
  • Aloe vera is another common natural product that is indicated for skin-related problems. Its moisturizing properties ensure a healthy condition. It is typically used in gel form and applied in the areas where itchiness occurs. Obtaining the gel is as simple as cutting a leaf and collecting the liquid inside. Or you can buy the extract itself. A few minutes on the skin should be enough to relieve itching.

Itchy skin can be treated naturally to great effect, but we need to emphasize the need of consulting a doctor if it is a persistent issue, as it can be a sign of other, more serious conditions.

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