Improving Sleep, Air Quality and Getting Rid of Headaches with Himalayan Salt

Are you familiar with Himalayan salt? If not, you should be, because it has a long series of benefits, including providing aid with digestion and helping lower blood pressure. But as of late, people have been using Himalayan salt lamps, in particular. What can such a lamp do for you and your health? Let’s find out!

Himalayan-Salt-Lamps for insomnia and stress

After owning and using a Himalayan salt lamp, you will notice improvement in:

  • Disorders that are based on stress, such as insomnia
  • Migraines and other headaches
  • Colds and respiratory issues
  • Arthritis

How does a Himalayan salt lamp work?

Himalayan salt lamps work by actively altering the chemical composition in the room in which it is used. These lamps aim to clear and improve the air quality in your home, which, in turn, will lead to benefits like reducing your headaches and increasing your sleep quality.

Practically, a Himalayan salt lamp induces a state of meditation and relaxation that can eliminate stress from your life. This happens through the ionization of the room and the clearing of toxins. All the unnatural and artificial electromagnetic waves from the electronics around your house will be neutralized and balanced.

In addition, the lamp produces special light waves that have healing properties. The lamp is reported to start working as soon as it is plugged in. You see, a link has been established between things present in nature that help make us feel revitalized or refreshed – negative ions. However, the electronics in all of our homes produce positive ions that they release in the atmosphere, thus creating a dull, tiring environment that affects you both physically and mentally – and not in a good way.

What the Himalayan salt lamp does is balance those positive ions by producing the revitalizing negative ions. This establishes a comparatively healthier and more positive environment, clears the air of negative energy and helps clear out your thoughts, worries and illnesses.

Where should you use the Himalayan salt lamp?

The Himalayan salt lamp can be used in any room you want to, but it is recommended that you use it in the room where you spend the most time and/or have the most electronic devices which might interfere with the quality of the air. In fact, you can – and should – make use of multiple lamps within the same room, for maximum effectiveness. The difference will be noticeable immediately.

You can have one in every single room of your house, in order to maintain an optimal level of negative ions in your home and prevent negative effects of positive ions, such as migraines, sleep problems or stress. This is made easy by the fact that the lamps come in various different styles, according to preference.

Final note: If you do decide to take the plunge and try a Himalayan salt lamp, make sure you are purchasing an authentic lamp, made out of 100% Himalayan salt. There will be fake ones available on the market, made out of regular rock salt, so be careful, because if you buy those, you are getting scammed and not benefiting from any positive effects.

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