Hyperthyroidism – Causes and Treatments

It is called so because the thyroid works over time to produce hormones more than the required limit. Thyroid is an organ located in front of the throat and it controls the metabolism which helps in converting the food into energy. It is a condition which can lead to a number of problems in the body if not treated properly. Treatment is available for it, with the help of which you can lead to a normal life.


Reasons behind it

There are certain reasons which results in overactive thyroid. These reasons together can be labeled as the basic causes of production of too much of thyroid hormones. A disease called Graves’ disease is said to be the cause of most of the cases of hyperthyroidism. In this Graves’ disease, the immune system of the body attacks the thyroid gland which results in the thyroid gland producing too much of thyroid hormone as a defense mechanism. One of the other causes is inflammation of the thyroid gland. Other common causes are production of excess of iodine, non-cancerous growth in thyroid glands, tumors in testis or ovaries, etc. These are the factors that can lead up to the condition of overactive thyroid.

Hyperthyroidism : Tests and Signs 

There are certain specific and general symptoms that can help in diagnosis of the disease. Physical examinations help in revelation of any swelling or inflammation in the thyroid glands, any increase in the heart rate, any kind of tumors in the body which may affect thyroid and tremors. Blood tests are done to find out the level of thyroid hormones in the blood. Excess of these hormones is an indication of hyperthyroidism. The doctors also ask the patients to undergo other tests like cholesterol, glucose, etc.

Treatments available

Any course of treatment can only be decided after proper diagnosis is done. Diagnosis helps in providing information about the severity of the condition. There are certain treatments available which are used for this condition. There are anti-thyroid medicines available which can be prescribed by the specialist. A procedure called radioactive iodine is there which helps in destroying the thyroid and eventually excess production of its hormones. Another option is surgery of thyroid. If the problem is treated by surgery or radioactive iodine which removes the thyroid, in that case the patient will have to take thyroid hormone replacement tablets that will perform the job of thyroid in the body.


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