How to Get Rid of 500 Calories Daily

In the process of losing weight, it is mandatory to cut off some calories. Exercising will not do much in that direction if you do not make an effort to consume fewer calories per day. Here are some simple tips and tricks that will help you cut off those calories, make you lose some weight and bring you closer to your objective.

get rid of calories

Breakfast tips

Never skip breakfast! It will help you jump over those hunger pangs and increase the level of your energy, as well. Usually, people will skip breakfast, but end up consuming more calories throughout the day than the people who did have breakfast. Another advantage is that all those snacks you tend to eat during the morning will be skipped if you have a healthy breakfast that is also rich in nutrients.

The portion of your meals

You can eat less just by downsizing your meals. To do that, all you need is a smaller plate! This way, your mind will see the full plate and it will be tricked into thinking that your body is about to eat a lot of calories. A larger plate will trick the brain into thinking that there is still more room for food.

Don’t drink soda

Sodas are usually filled with calories and sugars of all kinds. Drinking 3-4 sodas a day means taking in some extra 500 calories. Drink fizzy water or just simple plain water, instead.

Eating at the table

According to a study, those who will eat at the table and not in front of their computer or TV will take in 288 calories less. Eating at the table will help you focus only on what you are eating and it will prevent you from eating mindlessly.

Liquids first, and then solids

You can start your day by drinking 2 cups of water. This will boost your metabolism. It is a habit that should be kept before meals too. Drink 1 cup of water before any meal and you will eat less.

Black coffee

Unlike all those things you find at Starbucks, which are filled with calories, black coffee is simple and does not have many calories, either. Plus, it is a lot healthier!

No extras

A salad can have a more intense taste if you add an extra sauce, for instance. However, you should take out all those extras, as they are unhealthy and they will also bring more calories to the plate.

Listening to your body

Your stomach knows when it is full. Do not eat when you are not hungry and avoid eating if you are bored! Your stomach knows it, but the mind can play tricks on you.

No to nuts

They are high in fat and calories. A handful of nuts is enough to give you everything your body needs. Anything more than that and you are on the verge of gaining weight!

Sleep habits

Get enough sleep! People who do not sleep enough tend to eat more snacks through the day, just to get more energy. Make sure you are not one of them!

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