How to Deal with Writer’s Cramp Naturally

This is an often met condition that affects writers and which is manifested through an intense pain felt when the act of writing is taking place. There are different types of writer’s cramp.

writer's cramp

The first type is the simple one and it is caused by an improper holding of the pen, by the poor posture or simply by overusing your hand.

The second type is called dystonic writer’s cramp and it has the potential to cause an abnormality in the muscle tone on some other parts of the body. This is a rather more severe form and it should be analyzed by a doctor. However, today we are going to focus our attention on the simpler type of this condition.


Since the condition is characterized by a severe state of pain, the writer will hold the pen in an unusual way, which could make his writing illegible. Jerking of the hand is expected to be seen while writing and tremors can be observed when the arms are outstretched.

Risk factors

People who write for long periods of time are the most exposed to this condition. An improper posture may also contribute to this problem. The truth is that anyone who is getting engaged in any activities that require a repetitive movement of the hands is exposed to it. Violin or piano players, for instance, are also exposed to writer’s cramp.


The great negative aspect of this condition is that it is often misinterpreted as tendonitis or some other bone problem. Other doctors might even say that it is more of a psychological matter. So, it is one of those conditions that need to be thoroughly investigated.


Unfortunately, there is not an established cure for this condition. Anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers along with a limitation imposed on the activities that trigger this problem are the only things your doctor could recommend you.

Having a proper posture is crucial to healing this condition. Choosing a pen which is somewhere between not too thin or not too thick is also very important. Avoid prolonged periods of writing. You can make regular pauses to stretch your hands and fingers.

There is also a very simple exercise that can be performed anytime you feel like it. Simply touch the tip of each and every one of your fingers with your thumb, on the same hand. Consider using a stress ball or a crumbly handkerchief. They both can do miracles for you! Another simple trick is to remove and then reseal the cap of a bottle.

Many people who suffer from this condition say that it is extremely beneficial to use a hot compress or take a hot bath with magnesium salts. A warm soak and an increased amount of fluids can also be of great help. Take more potassium and sodium to find relief. Vitamin B6 or vitamin D supplements are also reported as being very efficient in this matter. Consider them all and apply the one that fits you best!

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