Hot Cocoa: Not Only Does It Taste Good, but It Is also Good for Your Health

Who doesn’t like a hot cup of cocoa, especially when the cold seems to be settling in? It is tasty and refreshing, warming your chilly mornings and shivery evenings. Apart from being your favorite drink to enjoy, it can help you with different health problems you might have.

It has powerful antioxidants in its composition, and they can reinforce your immune system, uplift your energy and prevent you from early aging. You can therefore benefit from all these advantages this drink possesses and, at the same time, enjoy its delicious taste. It’s a win-win situation.

hot cocoa benefits

  • It Strengthens Your Immunity

Isn’t it great to find out that such a delicious drink can strengthen your immune system? During the cold season, we tend to be more prone to catching a cold than usual. Since cocoa is rich in Vitamin C, E and Zinc, we can benefit from its properties, and it can help increase the good cholesterol in your body, therefore reinvigorating your health state.

  • It Boosts Your Energy

Cocoa is loaded with vitamin B, which functions as an energy booster in your body. In addition to that, cocoa abounds in Magnesium, a vital component in enhancing your energy level, as it optimizes the use of oxygen in your brain in order to stimulate your energy.

  • It Treats Muscle Inflammation

Cocoa is a generating station of natural antioxidants. These antioxidants exert anti-inflammatory activity in your body, therefore efficiently treating possible muscle pain or inflammation.

  • It Reinforces Your Bones and Joints

Being abundant in calcium, the use of cocoa can significantly strengthen your bones. In addition to that, calcium prevents the loss of minerals from your bones; therefore the calcium present in cocoa hinders the risk of fracture occurrences.

  • It Treats Anemia

As it is a reliable source of vitamin C, iron, zinc and manganese, cocoa presents a great delicious method in treating anemia. Apparently, 28 grams of cocoa embody 314% of your daily recommended iron consumption.

  • It Discharges You from Stress

Cocoa is rich in Magnesium. In this direction, magnesium actually functions as a stress reliever factor. It is a necessary factor in making your body function correctly and in helping you cope with stress.

Hot Cocoa – The Key to a Joyful Disposition

Including hot cocoa in your diet will actually make you happier! It comprises phenylethylamine, which is accountable for our joyful disposition. In addition to that, it contains serotonin and dopamine, great stimulants in energizing a good mood.


  • 1 tbsp powder cocoa
  • 1 or 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 cup of hot milk
  • Hot water
  • Vanilla or cinnamon (optional)


  • Place the hot cocoa in a clean recipient; add some of the hot water and the brown sugar. Then stir them altogether, until you get a nice and thick mixture. Add some vanilla or cinnamon to make your drink more tasteful.
  • Afterwards, cook the mixture for a few minutes. Next, add the milk, while stirring continually.
  • After being heated at your desired temperature, you can enjoy your hot cocoa in your favorite mug.

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