Hemp Seeds Improve Brain Function and Help You Handle Stress

We would often not look at seeds and see them as food because of their small dimensions. And this is why we tend to not eat them that often. However, studies have shown that they hide a surprising amount of nutrients. In fact, nutritionists say that they are the most powerful foods we can eat due to the high level of amino acids, iron, B-vitamins and magnesium they contain.

hemp seeds benefits

Hemp seeds are considered to be real superfoods as they contain the best source of vegetable proteins. 3 teaspoons of hemp seeds will contain 13 grams of high-quality proteins. They are also very easy to digest and can easily be integrated in a variety of recipes. Hemp seeds taste like walnuts, so they can be used in making sweet foods or even spicier ones.

What nutrients will help your brain?

Besides their delicious taste, hemp seeds are also the perfect tool in controlling stress and anxiety. Here are the best nutrients that will serve your brain.

  • Magnesium – This is one of those minerals that has a powerful effect on stress. It sustains the functions of the neurotransmitters and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. According to the statistics, the ground is poorer and poorer in this substance, which explains the reason why we do not get the necessary amount in our daily diets.
  • Amino acids – Our body needs them to manufacture new proteins and to keep us stronger. These substances have an even more powerful effect on the brain and on the neurotransmitters, as they contribute to the maintenance of our calmness, by reducing the amount of stress. When we do not have the necessary amounts of amino acids, our bodies will produce numerous stress hormones, which can lead to an imbalance of the sugar level in the blood.
  • B vitamins – They help with stabilizing the stress hormones and use the energy reserves within the body to feed the brain. Hemp seeds contain the most important B vitamins – B1, B2, B3, B5, B6.
  • Vitamin E – This vitamin will prevent any inflammation from taking place, and can also stop the process that leads to the Alzheimer’s disease. Three teaspoons of hemp seeds will contain 10% of the necessary amount of vitamin E.
  • Zinc – This mineral will normalize the metabolism, fight free radicals, protect against inflammations and optimize the number of stress hormones. Three teaspoons of hemp seeds will ensure 30% of the Zinc recommended daily dose.
  • Iron – 3 teaspoons of hemp seeds contain 15% of the recommended dose of Iron. When the body is not oxygenated enough, we feel tired, we breathe harder and sometimes feel pain in the chest. This will only stress the body more and ultimately damage us.
  • Healthy fats – In order to function proper, the brain needs healthy fats. They will sustain all the membranes in our bodies and have a great influence, especially in the way in which the neurotransmitters work. Hemp seeds contain high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids that sustain the brain and the heart.

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