Healthy Skin and Hair with Fuller’s Earth

You may have heard of fuller’s earth as being the main ingredient of numerous beauty products. This product is indeed used in the cosmetics industry for hair and skin products. Fuller’s earth is basically clay that has a wide array of minerals in it. So, it contains dolomite, magnesium, calcite, quartz, calcium, iron and silica. You can find in powdered form and you can choose from various colors: olive, white, brown, blue or green. It is mainly used for skin and hair conditions and its main advantages are that it comes with no side effects and it is extremely affordable.

Healthy Skin and Hair with Fuller’s Earth

Treats Acne

This is probably the main use of fuller’s earth. In case your skin is covered with pimples and acne, you can simply use this ingredient as a face mask and the problem will be solved. The fuller’s earth will also remove the excess oil and will unclog the pores. Mix rose water with camphor (one pinch), neem leaf paste (1 teaspoon) and fuller’s earth (2 teaspoons). Make sure you add enough rose water so as to have a thick paste in the end. Once you have mixed all these ingredients, you can apply this solution on your skin. Let it cure for almost 15 – 20 minutes and after that use plain water to wash the paste off. You must apply a moisturizing cream after this mask, because it can dry your skin. Repeat the process 1 time per week.

Eliminates Dandruff

Your hair can also benefit from the numerous advantages brought by the fuller’s earth. Its main benefit is that it absorbs the dirt, grease and oil that can trigger the unwanted dandruff. Not to mention that it promotes the scalp’s blood circulation, leaving your hair free of flakes and clean. Combine fuller’s earth with orange peel powder. Add equal amounts. Mix the paste and then apply it on your hair and scalp. Let it cure for about 20 minutes and then use plenty of warm water to wash it off. You can use this treatment 2 times per week.

Helps You Get Rid of Scars

Fuller’s earth is extremely efficient in removing scars caused by minor burns, wounds or other skin conditions. Use equal amounts of olive oil, carrot pulp and fuller’s earth and mix them together until they blend into a paste. Apply it on your scar(s) and let in on the skin for twenty minutes. Use warm water to remove the paste. Use this remedy two times per week to see the scars disappear.

Say “Good Bye” to Split Ends

You can confidently use fuller’s earth instead of shampoo. In fact, this type of clay is much healthier and beneficial for your hair than the commercial shampoos. Fuller’s earth can also act as a great conditioner and it can prevent the split ends. All you have to do is use fuller’s earth to wash your hair. Do this every two weeks and this product will not only prevent the split ends, but will also promote the hair growth and will make your hair shinier and smoother. You can also mix some milk with fuller’s earth and apply on your split ends. Wash with warm water. In a few weeks, you will notice the beneficial results.

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