Get Rid of Swollen Fingers Naturally

Swollen fingers can be caused by a multitude of factors, most of them not too dangerous for your overall health. Generally, they are the result of inflammation. Another reason is fluid buildup.

natural remedies for swollen fingers

If you notice mild swelling, you should know that this can be successfully treated at home, with some simple natural remedies. However, in case you also have other serious symptoms, such as severe pain, fever or a weak grip, you should consult a doctor and see what causes it. In this case, the underlying problem can be serious, and you should treat the cause of it, not only the effect.

Cold and warm hydrotherapy

Also called contrast hydrotherapy, this remedy is popular in traditional medicine and reduces the swelling of the fingers considerably.

How to do it:

Take two small bowls and place them nearby. Fill one of them with warm water, and the other one with cold water. The first step is to soak your fingers in warm water for 3 minutes. Then, dip them in the bowl with cold water for only 1 minute. Continue with this two steps for about 15-20 minutes. For the best results, repeat this treatment for at least two times per day.

Warm oil massage

Besides reducing the swelling of your fingers and enhancing drainage of excess fluid, a massage with warm oil will also improve your circulation and offer you a good feeling.

How to do it:

Use some olive oil or mustard oil – because they have anti-inflammatory properties. Place the oil in a bowl and warm it in the microwave. Soak your fingers in the warm oil, then get them out and massage them, starting at the tip of the fingers. You can use only your forefinger for this on the entire hand. Massage the swollen fingers from each hand for about 5 minutes. You can do this as often as you think it is necessary, as this technique has no side effects.

Epsom Salt

A frequent cause of swollen fingers is inflammation. This one may lead to a depletion of magnesium. Epsom salt is basically magnesium sulfate, which means that it is very rich in magnesium, and it also combats inflammation.

How to use it:

For this natural remedy, you will need a bowl, two tablespoons of Epsom salt and a cup or a glass of hot water. Put the salt and hot water into a bowl, and then stir until the salt is completely dissolved.

Then, dip your fingers in the solution for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also soak a small towel in this mixture and then wrap your hands in it for the same period. No matter what process you chose, you have to repeat it once or twice a day for about a week.

Extra tip: Even though the salt solution is perfect for your fingers as you soak them in it, excess salt in your food worsens the condition because the high amounts of sodium lead to water retention in your body, which often causes the swelling of the fingers. So pay attention to the amount of salt you are consuming while dealing with this issue.

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