Get Acquainted with Pressure Points that Help You Deal with Insomnia, Sciatica Pain, Headaches and other Health-Related Problems

Acupressure therapy, generally known as pressure acupuncture is a traditional, ancient practice used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This practice implies pressing on a range of points of the body, and it is expected to relieve illnesses and stress, promoting healing and utter relaxation.


According to the traditional assumption, acupuncture aims at balancing the Qi – which is the life force of the body. Still, Western specialists have indicated that acupuncture is utterly effective in treating a myriad of health conditions while promoting an improved circulation, the relief of muscle tension and body toxins.

Effective Pressopuncture Points

  • Joining the Valley – Headaches

This acupuncture point is mainly popular for effectively treating the run-of-the-mill headache everyone deals with from time to time. Additionally, this acupuncture point is helpful in treating constipation, toothache, shoulder pain and hangovers. This point is situated between the thumb and index finger, which is the most important spot of the muscle. Simply apply pressure to this point and massage gently for a couple of minutes, so that you enjoy relaxation and pain relief.

  • Sea of Tranquility – Emotional Cure

Negative emotions and emotional pain are known to every one of us. Acupuncture can help you deal with these feelings most effectively. The point is located between the nose and the eyebrows. Apply your middle finger at that point and gently press for a few seconds up to one minute. Do this for a couple of times a week.

  • Commanding Middle – Sciatica and Arthritis

This pressure point is effective in relieving back pain and arthritis. You can find this particular spot in the center point of the back of your knee. Simply hold your finger pressed on the spot for up to two minutes. If you often deal with these pains, repeat the procedure.

  • Heavenly Pillar – Insomnia and Stress

These acupuncture points are located below the base of the skull, more exactly, ½ an inch from the spine. Apply pressure on these spots to deal with mild to severe forms of insomnia and stress. Repeat the procedure daily, and you’ll certainly notice sizeable improvements.

  • Sacral Points – Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pains, including cramps, sciatica pain, and uterus cramps can be effectively dealt with by applying pressure on the Sacral Points. Look for these points at the base of the spine, above the tailbone.  

  • The Third Eye – Fatigue and Eye Strain

This particular acupuncture point is effective in relieving stress, fatigue, weariness and eye related problems. This point is situated on the rough spot between the eyebrows and the nose. Use your middle finger to press on this spot for several minutes, whenever you deal with these health problems.

  • Leg Three Miles – Stomach Problems

You need to bend your knee first, as this spot is located at the base of the knee cap, four fingers down. This acupuncture point deals with a myriad of stomach problems including nausea, abdominal pain, gas, constipation, bloating and so on.

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