General Information about Breast Lumps and Their Symptoms

Breast lumps can often determine alarming reactions, because most of the times they are associated with cancer. Of course there are cases in which breast lumps actually indicate the existence of a cancerous infection, but there are also cases of breast lumps that are not cancerous. Actually, more than 90 percent of breast lumps are cancer-free. Find out the difference between them and their warning signs.

breast lumps information

Breast Lumps – What Are They?

Breast lumps are often caused by breast infections, damaged tissues or fibroadenoma, which is a noncancerous tumor.


If you are suffering from fibrosis, your affected breasts present irregular lumps in certain places. This often happens as a result of fluctuating hormones, and does not require any specific medical treatment.


The occurrence of cysts is quite common, especially after reaching 35 years old. They are small-sized liquid-filled portions you may easily feel in the breast tissue. Most of the times, medication is unnecessary. However, if they expand in size and you suffer from discomfort, you ought to see a doctor.

How to Differentiate Breast Lumps From Tumors

Tumors can be associated with a number of symptoms and reactions, while breast lumps are most of the times isolated and unaccompanied by further manifestations. Symptoms which indicate the possible existence of a cancerous affection can be:

  • Unusual alterations of your breast in size and shape (swellings, their sudden reduction);
  • Irregular alterations of your breast tissue – especially in the proximity of the nipple;
  • Experiencing irritations, inflammations and a general state of discomfort associated with your breasts;

However, do keep in mind that in order to make sure your breast lumps are cancer-free, you need to be medically evaluated. For proper diagnosis, you might be needed to go through a needle biopsy; this will pinpoint the exact nature of the lump.  

How to Deal with the Discomfort Breast Lumps Imply

Living with breast lumps can turn out to be quite uncomfortable. So, do take into account the following suggestions in order to diminish the discomfort caused by their presence:

  • Opt for a suitable, supportive bra;
  • You ought to reduce the amount of caffeine consumption. There is no certainty indicating that caffeine is obviously linked to breast discomfort; however, some women suffering from breast lumps have concluded that after eliminating this ingredient from their daily diet, they experienced a better general state of being.
  • Consider lowering your salt consumption. As you most probably are already aware of, excessive salt consumption often triggers the retaining of water in your body. Even though it is yet to be established if salt does or does not lower the discomfort associated with breast lumps, by doing this, you will reduce the amount of fluid that your body could be retaining.
  • You can take a primrose oil supplement in the evening. Even though there is no conclusive scientific evidence yet at the current time, primrose oil aims at treating the pain you could be experiencing.

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