How to Find Out If You Need to Detox

Generally speaking, you need to go for a detox when you have toxins in your body. But how can you know this? Toxins, these poisonous substances, are not visible. Moreover, they can be present in your house, food, the environment you work in, and so one. If you drink contaminated water or consume contaminated food, these substances also enter your body.

symptoms of toxins in your body

Even though you usually cannot see them, toxins are very dangerous and cause harm to your internal organs. In fact, they can also trigger severe health issues, so you should not underestimate their power. But can you tell if there are toxins in your body or if you need a detox? Yes, because they cause several symptoms, as discussed further.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Your digestive tract is always in contact with diverse foods you ingest, many of them containing dangerous chemicals. In fact, this part of your body is used as the principal route for toxin elimination.

Still, in some cases, the gastrointestinal tract is overwhelmed by the high quantity of poisonous substances, and it does not succeed to eliminate them all. When this happens, toxins settle within this part of the body, which leads to numerous gastrointestinal disorders, such as constipation, digestive problems, ulcers, food sensitivity, hemorrhoids, and diverticulitis.


Another warning sign is inflammation, no matter where it occurs. Our immune system’s natural reaction is to eliminate toxins from the body as soon as possible. But when they are too many, the lymphatic system is overcharged by fighting these dangerous substances. This is the moment when inflammation may be noticed.

The array of inflammatory conditions triggered by toxins accumulated in your body ranges widely, from asthma to heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Also, many people experience several skin problems whenever the toxin levels in their bodies grow, such as rashes, acne, redness, or even psoriasis. Our body uses the sweat glands to eliminate toxins in the form of perspiration. But when the poison level is too high, this is no longer an effective way to get rid of them, and they are stuck in your body. Therefore, the body tries to eliminate them in other ways, such as pimples.

Hormonal Issues

Many external toxins lead to hormonal imbalances. For instance, some of them, such as xenoestrogens, disturb the estrogen-progesterone balance in the body.

These mentioned toxins affect women and men differently. In women, the most common problems caused by xenoestrogens are endometriosis and PMS. In men, there has been noticed lower sperm counts when exposed to these poisons.

Reduced Cognitive Capacity

It is needless to say that the presence of toxins in your body, especially for longer periods, affects your nervous system as well. Consequently, you may notice that your cognitive ability is reduced. If you experience fatigue, headaches, foggy thinking, memory loss, insomnia, and mood swings, you should try a detox. High amounts of toxins gathered in your body can be the cause of all these symptoms, which clearly affect your daily routine.

In some severe cases, for instance in heavy metal toxicity, dementia may also occur. So don’t ignore your symptoms.

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