Extra Virgin Olive Oil – The Key to Preventing Breast Cancer

It has been scientifically proven that there are a number of natural ingredients that, if consumed regularly, can help prevent breast cancer. In this direction, extra virgin oil appears to hold the necessary properties for creating a miraculous remedy that might foreclose the development of breast cancer.

olive oil breast cancer

The miraculous properties extra virgin oil posses

The Mediterranean lifestyle is best known for the many advantages it has on our health. These would be the low income of fat and the richness in nourishing proteins that are characteristic to this type of food. It was deduced that the consumption of olives and olive oil was the major factor in the prevention of cancer. Therefore, the antioxidants rooted in the composition of olives and olive oil are important factors in reducing the appearance of cancerous cells.

The Mediterranean diet – olive oil helps fight cancerous cells

It is known that olive oil is widely used in Mediterranean recipes, being acknowledged for its nutritional and healing properties. Scientists have studied in Greece the impact the use of olive virgin oil had on 15.000 women. The study lasted ten years. Their attention was directed towards the proximity of their diet to a traditional Mediterranean diet, namely the use of virgin olive oil.

Their conclusion was the following: for post-menopausal women, the evolution of breast cancer risk was reduced by 22%. In what concerns the pre-menopausal women, olive oil did not appear to prevent cancer occurrence. Nevertheless, all in all, the percentage of breast cancer has been diminished.

The Spanish study – the impact olive oil has on tumor cells

Scientists from the University of Granada in Spain have discovered some key elements in the composition of virgin olive oil. These chemical substances appear to neutralize and dissolve cancerous cells. Their discoveries proved for the first time that the complex substances olive oil presents can drastically suppress the extension and development of cancerous cells specific to breast cancer Her2. Moreover, by consuming virgin olive oil, the risk of tumor malignancy is effectively diminished.

How to include olive oil in your daily diet

We have gone over the marvelous impact olive oil can have. Therefore, it is needless to say that you ought to include it in your eating habits in order to profit from its amazing properties. However, you must be aware of the fact that studies are still being developed, therefore there is no certainty regarding the immediate result olive oil presents in preventing cancer. Nevertheless, it is unquestionable the fact that it helps reduce the factors that originate the appearance of cancer and other diseases.

Therefore, in order to include olive oil in your daily diet, you can add two tablespoons of extra virgin oil to your salad dressing, meat course, or even morning toast. Not only does it make your meals taste more delicious, but at the same time it enhances your immune system and makes your body stronger against various illnesses, including cancer.

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