Expired Make-Ups – Things You Should Know

We usually use make-up to look the best we can. We use it to bring out our best features and to grow our self-confidence. However, if you happen to put your hands on some expired make-up kit, you should know that you will get the exact opposite of your initial purpose. Moreover, not only will your appearance be torn apart, but you will also face some health problems you would never have thought about in the first place!

effects of expired make-up

Just like the food we eat, make-ups also have an expiration date on them and it is important not to use them after their time is up. Just imagine eating altered food. How can that affect you? You might experience vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and many other conditions.

Now think about applying expired make-up straight on your face! Think about your skin, your eyes and how they can be affected. Normally, all make-ups must have an expiration date. Those eyeshades, for instance, or mascara will only be good for a year. Applying them afterwards will only cause damage to your skin.

To be more specific, we made up a list with these nasty effects expired make-ups will have on your face:

  • Contact dermatitis – This condition is manifested through itchiness and inflammation of the skin. A visit to the dermatologist seems like a great idea in this case.
  • Allergies – Applying expired cosmetics on your face will cause allergies manifested through blisters, bumps and other skin rashes. Sometimes even an infection might take place.
  • Acne – Expired cosmetic products applied on the face will cause the pores to clog. This will result in an accumulation of oils and dirt, which will ultimately result in the apparition of acne.
  • Scars – After dealing with an infection, scars might appear. Depending on how severe the infection was, they could be light and easily removed or darker and deeper. These are there to stay.
  • Eye infections – If your mascara or any other eye-related product is expired and applied on the eyes, your eyes could be irritated in the process and you can even get an infection.

These are the main issues that will appear when applying expired cosmetics. Sometimes, they will appear immediately, other times it will take a while until all the symptoms will play their role.

Now let’s take a look at the reasons that stay behind the detrimental use of expired cosmetics:

  • All the preservatives they contain will not work anymore after the product has expired. This means that the growth and development of bacteria will be stimulated and skin infections will take place.
  • There are also some ingredients that will stop working after the expiration date. Rashes and skin problems are there to follow.
  • There is also the chance of some ingredients becoming more powerful and if your skin is sensitive, this could be really bad for you.
  • They could also fail in providing you with the result you expect. For example, an expired sunscreen will stop protecting you against the UV rays.

Always throw away any make-ups that have expired. Also, keep them in a dark and cool place. When shopping, always look at the labels. See what they contain and what expiration date they have.

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