Excessive Daytime Sleepiness – How to Cope with It Effectively

Does it happen to you to feel excessively sleepy during the day, despite the fact that you had a good night’s sleep? Perhaps you might be suffering from a condition known as excessive daytime sleepiness or EDS. Still, you need to know that this condition is distinct from that general feeling of not having enough sleep because you partied all night.

excessive daytime sleepiness

EDS is a condition that makes you feel exhausted even after having a healthy 8-hour night’s sleep. The sensation of sleepiness might be as disturbing as it could prevent you from having a productive day at work, raising another set of concerns as well. This is why EDS is a condition that ought to be properly taken care of.

EDS can be caused by a myriad of factors. It is best to discuss with a specialist about the root of the problem so that you can deal with it accordingly. If you know that you suffer from this condition, here are ten ways that might come in handy in aiding you to cope with your EDS effectively.

  • Regular exercise

A positive way to improve your sleeping habits is by including regular exercise in your daily routine. Plus, it will help you to maintain your weight.

  • Cut down on alcohol

People dealing with sleeping disorders tend to rely on alcohol to get to bed at night. Try to cut down on alcohol, especially for this purpose. Alcohol will get you to sleep at night, but it will also maintain that sensation of sleepiness during the next day.

  • Drink a glass of fresh water

Whenever you’re feeling like your eyes are closing, drink a glass of fresh cold water. Sometimes, it’s all it takes to bring you back to reality.

  • Sun exposure

It is a positive idea to make sure you have at least 20 minutes a day of natural sun exposure, for the purpose of regulating your body clock. As a bonus, sun exposure in the morning is healthy as well.

  • Get enough sleep at night

You need to acknowledge how many hours of sleep your body need so that you don’t feel devastated the next day. For some 7 hours will do, while for others, 9 hours is enough.

  • Wake up at the same hour daily

In order to regulate your body clock, it is a positive idea to wake up at the same hour daily. A fixed sleeping schedule can help you cope with your EDS better.

  • Go to sleep at the same hour daily

It will be easier for you to deal with your EDS if you go to sleep at the same hour. This will help you to promote a proper sleeping schedule.

  • Get rid of anything that prevents you from having a proper sleep

Eliminate bedroom activities such as watching movies or surfing the internet, these can prevent you from having a restful, proper sleep. Also, leave your phone in another room.

  • Move around

Whenever you feel like your head’s going to hit the desk because of your EDS, get up and move around, so that you don’t fall asleep in that instance. Take a stroll, stand up, whatever your time allows you, simply move.

  • Turn on the light

For the purpose of maintaining a proper body clock, it is important to turn on the light in your working space, or at home, when the sun is down.

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