The Easy Ways Through Which Ayurveda Will Help You Lose Weight

For those unfamiliar with the term, Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of holistic medicine in the world. Originating in India 5000 years before our era, the fact that its health practices are still being used is a testament to its validity.

ayurveda benefits

For a better picture of what Ayurveda is, the name translation is a good start. Ayurveda means “life knowledge” – it is a form of philosophy that promotes inner-reflection and peace with the universe just as much as it teaches ways of taking care of your body. It is based on the belief that the mind, body, and spirit need to reach a certain balance that ensures health and happiness. Its goals are not necessarily to fight disease directly, but rather to prevent it from getting all aspects of your body in order.

A proper weight is, without a doubt, a critical part of staying healthy. Ayurvedic medicine has been a long proponent of the idea, using numerous methods in order to make it happen over the years. Here are a few of them:

  • Exercise every morning

Although Ayurveda is closely tied to philosophy, you can see that there are practical measures to it. 30 minutes of exercise every day will make a big difference. Do stretches, cardio exercises, light muscle work, anything that can build your body’s stamina and energy levels, without leaving you exhausted for the day. That means no heavy weights or any other kind of extreme effort.

  • Drink a glass of lemon juice and water each morning

Lemon juice has excellent health benefits, one of them being that it helps your digestion go smoothly. It is also a great overall source of energy. Pour the lemon juice into warm water, as it helps improve the absorption of the nutrients.

  • Meditate after exercising

In order to have a balanced life, it is important to have some time each day to simply think and relax. A few minutes of deep breathing and yoga each day will relieve stress. Stress will otherwise increase temptation to make unhealthy choices.

  • Eat three times daily

The misconception of having to eat a “heavy” breakfast should be eliminated. Your metabolism is the most effective during the day. That means you should eat a medium portion at breakfast, large one at lunch and a small one for dinner.

  • No snacks between meals

Snacks are a big part of weight problems. Your body should have meals at fixed times and given space to process them properly. Feeding it too often will make it unable to burn enough calories.

  • Go for walks after meals

Taking short walks after meals will boost your digestion and make for a very useful exercise too.

  • Detoxify your body

You can make a tea using 5 cups of water and ½ teaspoon of fennel, coriander and cumin seeds each to help flush toxins.

As you can see, Ayurvedic weight loss measures are very practical and something that even modern scientists agree with. There is no reason to disregard them.

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