Don’t Throw the Nutshells! They Have Miraculous Health Benefits

Many people consider the nutshells useless and they throw them away, even though they are rich in nutrients and healthy compounds. Some of the nutshells’ benefits are well-known since the ancient times, while others have been discovered in the last few years. However, it is clear that we must not throw them away as they are excellent remedies for various diseases.

Don’t Throw the Nutshells! They Have Miraculous Health Benefits

Nutshells – Properties and Benefits

Nutshells have diuretic, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, gastro-intestinal and renal disinfectant, thyroid stimulant, vermifuge, tonic, hypotensive, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, healing, emollient and soothing properties.

Nutshells can be administered as tea as they help clean and thin the blood, strengthen the stomach, improve the liver functions and the bowel movements, treat urinary incontinence or infections with mycosis, streptococci, syphilis or staphylococci.

Nutshell Remedies

Lack of Calcium

Those who have calcium deficiencies can consume nutshell tea on a regular basis. They must drink between 0.5 – 1 liter of nutshell tea per day.

Varicose Veins

In this case, you must use compresses with green nutshell soak. Apply them on the affected areas or gently rub those areas with this solution. To obtain the soak, you must fill one jar with chopped or minced nutshells. Pour apple cider vinegar over them and let the mixture soak for 3 weeks.

Cleansing the Blood

Chops the nutshell from 14 dry nuts and let them soak for 2 and a half months in  500 ml of vodka. Take 1 tablespoon of this product in the morning, on an empty stomach to clean the blood vessels. This way, you will get rid of thrombosis, cysts, mastitis, fibroid tumors or salt deposits.

Digestive Disorders, Diabetes and Hypertension

Make a tincture from the dried tissues inside the nutshells. Use the tissues of 30 – 35 nuts. Chop them as finely as possible and put them in a 400 ml jar. Let them fill 1/3 of the jar. The next step it to fill the jar with natural vodka. Let it soak for 20 – 22 days. After that, you must strain the liquid in a smaller bottle. Make sure it’s a dark colored bottle so as to prevent the light to get in. The recommended dose is of 1 tablespoon diluted with ½ glass of plain water. Take this dose 20 – 30 minutes before mealtimes.

Fatigue, Weak Immunity and Stomach Disorders

Prepare a syrup from 2 handfuls of chopped green nutshells and 1 liter of water. Let the mixture boil for 10 minutes, then add a few cloves. Let it cool down, then strain it and, in the end, add 1 kg of sugar or honey. Keep the syrup in dark colored bottles. Take 1 teaspoon, thrice a day, after your meals.


Nutshell tea is an excellent remedy for those who want to get rod of the annoying cough. Use a handful of nutshells and add them into a pot. Pour water to cover the nutshells and let the mixture boil. Drink the tea while it’s warm, not hot. If you want to sweeten it, add honey, not sugar. Also, you can add lemon.

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