Detoxing Your Body has Never Been Easier

Have you ever felt so bloated and uncomfortable that you wanted to clear your body of everything? This usually happens when we eat a lot of junk food, unhealthy drinks or breathe a lot of polluted air. At some point, we reach a stage where we say that enough is enough and try to find ways to flush out the toxins from our body.


The Benefits of a Detox

Every now and then it is recommended to go on a detox diet and get rid of the toxins. By doing that, you will support the functions of the liver and you will bring back the body to its balanced, natural state.

Many people believe that a detox diet is something that you do once for a day or a few weeks and then go back to your ‘bad habits.’ However, you can make a ritual out of this and start detoxing on a daily basis. And this seems completely logical, considering that these toxins also enter your system on a daily basis.

A good detox will make you feel better in your own skin and reduce the chances of you getting sick due to toxin accumulation. And there’s nothing difficult about going on a detox diet. To be honest, it’s very easy!

Tips to Detoxing

If you have decided to go on a detox diet, here are a couple of ways for you to do so:

  • Drink a Lot of Water

Ever noticed how fresh you feel when you drink a cup of water as opposed to when you drink a bottle of soda, for example? That’s because, in its pure state, water can flush out the toxins through elimination. It aids the bowel and the digestive, and you will get rid of more toxins every time you use the toilet. Aim for 8-10 glasses of water every day (you can drink more or less depending on the climate), and is possible, drink water that was kept in copper vessels.

  • Add Lemon to Your Water

If simple water is great, then lemon water is even better. Citric acid present in lemon aids in the detoxification of the body by aiding your GI tract process. Considering that it has the same atomic structure as your stomach’s digestive juices, more bile can be produced. Plus, lemon can alkalize your body’s pH levels, making you resistant to a variety of diseases.

  • Exercise

Many of the toxins are eliminated through sweat, and what better way to start sweating than a good workout? By sweating, you remove the excess salts from your body and other icky poisons. Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, and your lungs and heart will start pumping out toxins continuously.

Your body can detox partially by itself, but by aiding it with various detox methods, it will get rid of the toxins much easier. Give your body a detox treatment at least once or twice a month and go to the sauna every now and then.

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