Details about Enlarged Liver and Remedies for It

Enlarged liver, known in the scientific community as hepatomegaly, is a non-medical condition which can be caused by tumors, infections or metabolic problems. A few common signs of an enlarged liver include having an abdominal mass, jaundice or yellow skin.


Symptoms of an enlarged liver

There are a few conditions which can cause an enlarged liver. Excessive alcohol consumption causes alcohol liver disease, one of the most common types of conditions in this particular category. Abusing alcohol for several years leads to liver inflammation which could degenerate to scarring or even liver cirrhosis.

Despite this, liver enlargement does not usually spawn symptoms that could indicate the problem. However, there are a few symptoms that you should watch out for, including the yellowing of the eyes and skin, weight loss, low appetite, muscle pains, jaundice, and fatigue.

How to treat an enlarged liver

The treatments vary from a case to case basis. If excessive alcohol consumption is the cause of the enlarged liver, the treatment will consist of reducing the amount of alcohol the patient consumes or the outright elimination of it. If it is caused by a fatty liver, the treatment will be oriented to reducing the amount of fat intake by changing the diet, setting a workout program or even both.

Recommended diet

Nutrition is a significant factor in maintaining a healthy liver. As stated before, since the nature of the treatment program is highly dependent on the case and severity of the condition, doctors can recommend reducing the intake of alcohol or adopting a certain diet program.

When it comes to people whose hepatomegaly is diabetic in nature, the role of the diet is to lower the high blood sugar levels. Therefore, doctors will recommend a diet low in calories, plus a more frequent and intensive insulin intake. Foods that contain high amounts of sugar should be definitely avoided, such as flour, sugar, and starches. Overeating should also be avoided because it regulates the level of blood sugar in the body.

Other than that, people who suffer from this particular condition might choose to eat products that contain high amounts of unsaturated fats, carbohydrates, and protein. They are beneficial to people with diabetes because they have a more reduced glycemic index value, in opposition to other products, like the ones mentioned earlier.

DIY Home Remedies

There are a few home remedies that you can include in your routine to treat your enlarged liver.

  • For example, you can increase your intake of fluids, especially water, because it helps eliminate the toxins present in the system.
  • White radish juice in combination with sugar candy can impede the enlargement of the liver . It is worth mentioning that you should take it every morning, before having breakfast.
  • Combining salt with powdered Sprague is another wise option for the same reasons mentioned above.
  • Finally, every morning for a duration of ten days, you could consume the pulp from an aloe vera leaf combined with salt and ginger.

Hopefully, this article has proved informational and beneficial. Consider adopting a few of the tips mentioned and you will find your enlarged liver problem more manageable.

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