Conditions That Can Affect Your Vision

Nowadays, eye and vision conditions are very common and may be developed by anyone, no matter the age. In the past, these conditions were rather associated with getting older. Now, more and more young people and small children suffer from vision problems.

common eye conditions

Why is this happening? There are two main reasons for this situation. The first problem is that we overstress our eyes every day. In the past, outdoor activities were part of everyday life. Nowadays, computers and gadgets are part of daily life. At the office, you use our eyes for long hours working on the computer and then, when you have a little spare time, you check your phone, spend time on social networks and so on. Almost any activity, from reading the news to communicating with friends, includes the usage of gadgets and screens. Even when you go to bed, you will take your phone with you, and you will spend several minutes – or even hours – using it. Furthermore, you tend to eat foods that no longer provide you the necessary nutrients for good eyesight. For these reasons, you may be prone to develop more eye and vision conditions.

  • Red Eye

When the blood vessels from the whites of the eye are dilated, your eyes will appear as being reddish. An infection or irritation may cause this condition. In some cases, a red eye is a symptom of conjunctivitis, and if the reddish area does not disappear soon, you are advised to consult a doctor.

  • Glaucoma

Even though it is a condition that can be easily treated, glaucoma is very dangerous when ignored. To be short, it may lead to blindness. This disease can be defined as an increased pressure inside the eye, which leads to impaired vision. Because it may cause blindness, it is vital to diagnose this condition early and treat it as soon as possible. If you are over 50 years, or you know that somebody in your family had glaucoma, the risk of glaucoma is high in your case. For this reason, it’s recommended to see a doctor immediately if you experience eye pain, blurred vision, severe headaches, and eye redness.

  • Cataracts

This is the medical term for the opacity of the lens. This condition is common for persons over 50 years, and it progresses slowly. The first symptom is blurred vision. You have to use the glasses that your doctor has prescribed to you and follow his advice, in order to slow the disease’s progression. However, at some point, the only solution may be surgery. During this surgery, your lens is removed and replaced with an artificial one.

  • Optic Neuropathy

In this case, the optic nerves are affected. This disease implies the inflammation of the optic nerves, and it has symptoms such as pain, vision loss, flashing lights, and loss of color vision. These symptoms usually affect one eye and disappear without any treatment. However, it is important to see a doctor, because optic neuropathy may be a serious condition that leads to blindness or may be associated with several severe medical conditions, such as multiple sclerosis.

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