Caprylic Acid and Its Impressive Benefits

Caprylic acid is a highly beneficial fatty acid that can be found in coconut and palm oil, as well as numerous dairy products. It is especially useful in fighting fungal and yeast infections: sufferers often begin bringing foods or supplements that contain caprylic acid into their diet. However, the anti-fungal properties are just a small part of the package.


Here are 10 benefits to caprylic acid:

  • Helps control your bad cholesterol levels

Cholesterol problems are fairly common in this day and age, with consequences that can become quite severe. The risks that high amounts of bad cholesterol bring are high blood pressure, poor blood circulation and, as a result, heart conditions. Studies have shown that regular consumption of caprylic acid can help keep bad cholesterol at healthy levels.

  • Fights candidiasis

The antifungal properties of caprylic acid are strong enough to fight the often stubborn infections that candidiasis brings. Diet is quite an important tool in such cases, making this fat useful regardless of what other treatments you are following.

  • Ensures good oral health

Fungal infections can appear in the oral cavity, making caprylic acid excellent both in your diet and as a mouth wash. Use coconut oil for this purpose.

  • Maintains the good health of your gut

Yeast and fungal infections can be found in the gut as well, leading to some tricky conditions. Caprylic acid, along with other foods and medical treatments, can help you deal with the problem. Foods recommended are kimchi, yogurt, kefir and, of course, coconut oil.

  • Helps in cases of acne

The antibacterial properties of caprylic acid represent an effective tool when it comes to acne. Not only does it help calm the inflamed skin, improving its look, but it also fights the cause of your condition as it can kill the bacteria responsible for it.

  • Effective against dandruff

Dandruff can sometimes be caused by fungi, making coconut oil an excellent solution that will help you clear this problem. Simply massaging the oil into the scalp regularly will eventually lead to a cleaner hair.

  • Reduces your need for antibiotics

Antibiotics are the go-to modern solution for fighting bacteria, and they certainly deserve their popularity. However, the body needs a population of good bacteria as well, one that antibiotics can disrupt. Caprylic acid is considered a safer solution in that regard.

  • Boosts your immune system

Caprylic acid is known to be a natural immunity booster. Regular consumption will protect you against various types of diseases, from the common cold and flu to more serious conditions.

  • Helps with general skin health

Not only acne, but other skin problems can benefit from the hydrating and anti-bacterial properties of caprylic acid. Eczema, psoriasis, athlete’s foot are just a few common conditions that you can battle with it.

  • Decreases the risk of Crohn’s Disease

Researchers claim that this fatty acid can help prevent Crohn’s Disease, which is an inflammation of the intestine that leads to fatigue, severe pain and weight loss.

Caprylic acid is, ultimately, too good of a choice in your diet to pass on. With a wide range of benefits to be found, you will notice the difference in your overall health.

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