Black Blueberries – Boost Your Brainpower

Who would have thought that a small fruit can have such miraculous powers for our mind? Black blueberries are the new must if you want to improve your brain capacities and have an active mind during the day.

black blueberries stimulate the brain

Black blueberries are rich in antioxidants

According to a study made by a few researchers from Great Britain and New Zeeland, black blueberries are able to improve cognitive functions as attention, accuracy, vigilance and even your mood. The stimulating effects regarding mental performances that black blueberries have are due to the antioxidants they contain. These eliminate the stress and help the mind feel more relaxed.

There was a study made on 36 healthy persons, with ages between 18 and 35 years. They were divided in 3 groups, 2 groups received 142 ml black blueberry juice and the other group received a placebo. After 60 minutes, the participants were asked to fill in some tests to measure their cognitive performance, their flexibility and mood. The participants who drank the juice were not complaining about mental fatigue. In what regards their mood, they declared that they were more vigilant and more mindful of what is going on around them.

Researchers concluded that the phenolic acid in the black blueberries are able to inhibit the enzymes that lead to depression. Thanks to this compound, the stress disappears, the cognitive functions are improved and your mood is changed.

The medicines that inhibit these enzymes are also used in treating patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Previous studies have shown that the compounds in the black blueberries can not only protect the nervous cells (neurons) from the stress, but they can also regenerate the defending systems of the body. Also, black blueberries can maintain your body younger and they have an active role in the formation of new tissues.

There are over 150 types of black blueberries in the world, but the healthiest for our mind and body are the ones cultivated in New Zeeland, as the producers say. Black blueberries contain a large amount of vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, vitamins A, B1, B2 and calcium.

If you want to introduce black blueberries in your child’s diet, you can do that from his/her first year of life, but it will be better to consult a doctor before.

As we have seen, a small amount of black blueberry juice can change everything, from our mood to our mental capacity of observing a thing or solving a problem. Black blueberries keep you happy and healthy and this will be seen both on the inside and on the outside.

Start drinking a glass of black blueberry juice per day and transform it into a healthy habit for you and for your dear ones. Keep them healthy with just one simple step and you will enjoy a better life beside them.

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