The Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is actually is considered to be a genre which has about 39 species of flower plants. The plants from this genre are members of the mint family. The lavender originates in some parts of the tropical Africa and also in the South-Est Indian region. Although, today, it can be found everywhere in the South Europe, in the United States of America and in Australia.


Lavender Flowers can be used for cooking, salads, mixed in diverse compositions or even to sand all sorts of confections. The dried buds of lavender are mostly used in the culinary area.

Lavender Oil tends to have extremely numerous remedial qualities which make it priceless in various treatments. It is well known to have calming and relaxing properties, it is a good antiseptic, it helps keep the good function of the heart, reducing palpitations and hypertension. Lavender can also slow down the activity of the nervous system, which is why it is used for treating flutter, petulance and the state of anxiety.

Lavender Oil is often used for healing insomnia and the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Massaging the temple area with a little lavender oil contributes to reducing nervous tensions, ameliorates anxiety, combats migraines, depression, flutter and emotional stress. Also, lavender oil is favorable over the respiratory system, being prescribed especially as inhales in case of affections such as cough, pneumonia, laryngitis, bronchitis or nasal obstruction. Moreover, it can also be used for treating sinus, ears and neck infections. Due to its anti-inflammation properties, the oil can be efficient for muscular pain and for the inflammation associated with arthritis.

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