Benefits of Ganoderma Mushrooms You Did Not Know About

Ganoderma lucidum or Reishi Mushroom is a type of mushroom that is used for medicinal purposes. Traditional healers in China dubbed the mushroom as the ‘king of herbs’ due to its ability to prevent and treat a variety of health problems, such as hypertension, diabetes or even cancer.

ganoderma mushrooms

This mushroom is filled with polysaccharides that contain beta glucan and ganoderic acids, known for their ability to improve the immune system, enhance the body’s usage of oxygen molecules and bolster the liver.

Although Ganoderma cannot be found at the farmers’ market or the local store, you can still order it online. This mushroom is not exactly intended for cooking, but there is no problem in adding it to your dishes. The Reishi mushroom can be found in nature on plum trees, but it is exceedingly rare. That is why it was regarded as extremely priceless and, in the past, it was only reserved for royalty in Japan and China.

Benefits of Ganoderma

  • Bad Cholesterol

The antioxidants in Ganoderma can lower bad cholesterol levels, helping your heart muscles get all the oxygen molecules they need to function properly. Having low cholesterol also reduces your risk of stroke and heart attack.

  •  Arthritis

Ganoderma has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Unlike anti-inflammatory drugs, Ganoderma can eliminate joint stiffness and pain without all those nasty side effects.

  • Respiratory Tract Problems

If you are suffering from asthma, flu, cough or bronchitis, you might benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of Ganoderma. This amazing mushroom can reduce mucous production and relax the upper airways, facilitating proper breathing.

  • Inflammation

Ganoderma can also ward off inflammation, which is associated with some serious diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease or osteoporosis.

  • Tumors

Studies have shown that Ganoderma can stop tumors from growing, keeping cancerous cells under control and preventing them from spreading and destroying healthy tissues and organs.

  • Immunity

Ganoderma can stimulate the NK, which are the natural killer cells of the immune system. This means that your body will be able to effectively fight diseases and other infections.

  • Diabetes

Ganoderma is efficient in lowering the glucose levels in the blood, helping those who are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes to reduce or even stop taking medication, which has so many negative side effects. The downside is that the minimum benefits can be noticed only after three months of taking this supplement.

These are only some of the health benefits of this amazing mushroom. You can purchase it online or from health food stores. You can find it dried or in the form of capsules. In the dried form, you should not take more than 9 grams per day and in the form of tablets not more than 150-190 milligrams per day.

There are no side effects of Ganoderma. However, very sensitive individuals may experience some symptoms associated with the mushrooms’ detoxification properties, such as mild digestive upset, sore bones, dizziness and skin rashes. But these will go away after a few days.

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