Benefits of Fish Oil, Omega 3 and Cod Liver Oil

Healthy fats are an essential part of a balanced diet, as they provide excellent levels of energy, act as a catalyst for vitamin absorption and serve as insulation as well. Some of the best options come from fish; cod liver oil, fish oil, and omega-3 fatty acids are excellent choices for regular consumption, as their benefits extend beyond what most other fats can bring. Let’s look at the benefits of each and then see the best sources for them.


Cod liver oil

This type of fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid. It also contains the very valuable vitamins A and D, which are well known for the crucial role that they play in the health of eyes and skin.

Among the various benefits that this product brings, its powerful ability to fight inflammation is definitely worth a mention. Studies have found patients with rheumatoid arthritis to experience a significant reduction of pain in their joints. Other forms of arthritis saw benefits as well – osteoarthritis sufferers were found to have cartilage damage and lower pain levels, all of which decreased the necessity of measures such as replacing the joints.

Fish oil

Fish oil comes with its own remarkable content of omega 3 fatty acids. Some of the many benefits brought by it are an improved health of the cardiovascular system, bones and nervous system. While you may be worried about fats when consuming this product, you should remember that it is among the healthy ones; fish oil actually helps keep the cholesterol levels within normal parameters.

It can also encourage the calcium balance and strengthen the bones, making it ideal for people of all ages. Those with depression and frequent negative moods can also see benefits, as the oil encourages the production of serotonin, a hormone that can improve moods significantly. The overall stress levels will be decreased as well.

Omega-3 fatty acids

As one of the most appreciated health aspects of fat fish, these come with an impressive range of benefits, so we will only be able to mention a few. Omega-3 fatty acids are known for their powerful ability to sustain mental health. It has been found in studies that depression levels can be reduced by regularly consuming these fats; other mental problems that can be treated this way are ADHD and the bipolar disorder.

The general mental performance is said to be improved as well, with superior memory, cognitive skills and learning abilities being seen.

Best sources

Some of the best natural sources to include in your diet are cod, salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring, sardines and anchovies. While fish is known as the king of Omega-3 fats, it can also be found in several seeds such as walnuts, flaxseed, and sesame seeds.

Fish oil can also be found as a common food supplement and makes for a great choice as well – just make sure you do not go over the recommended dose.

As you can see, keeping your health in good condition does not have to be difficult, as these healthy fats can be found in common and delicious foods. If they become a regular presence at your meals, you will benefit from much more than their excellent taste.

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